This blog post is dedicated to the ladies.  No need to be shy, we men know that at times females have discharges, itches and what they call yeast infections, thrush or what have you.  So husbands, get a clue when your wife isn’t feeling sexy the past few days… it isn’t you, its her and she may just be shy about it.  So what to do when yeast infections come?  You stomp it down until it is knocked down and out and never to return.

Itch comes in?  The handy drug store may have an iodine douche where you can get immediate relief.  If you have oregano oil, say from, put 2 drops in your 1 liter of water and douche with it.  Put the same 2 drops of oregano oil in 1 liter of water or juice and drink up as well.  If you are not used to the power of oregano oil, buy an empty capsule and put the drops in the capsule and then swallow the capsule.

What to wear?  Panty-less is a good idea.  Seriously.  Who’s going to know?  You still have your skirt on.  Air it out.  Dry it in front of a fan.  Wear cottony things.  Catch some sunlight.

The heavy duty localized treatment may come from anthroposophic medicine such as Weleda’s Majorana / Melissa Pessaries: “Insert 1 pessary into the vagina twice daily, morning and night or as directed by your health care professional (anthroposophic doctor).  To remove a pessary, gently pull off the cap and take out the pessary with your fingers.  If necessary, push the pessary at the base to free it.”

Weleda suggests to combine the Pessary above with their Pulsatilla Comp liquid for women’s thrush:

An internal homoeopathic complex to relieve vaginal thrush (Candida) and vaginal itching.

It works by toning the mucous membranes and helps counteract alkaline conditions often found in yeast conditions (Thrush).

Candida is commonly part of the normal flora of the mouth, skin, intestinal tract, and vagina, but can cause a number of infections if the body is run down, or if a person has been taking antibiotics.


Pulsatilla 3x – tones the mucous membranes & is traditionally a women’s remedy.

Argentum (Silver) 6x – maintains the fluid balance (reducing inflammation).

Thuja 3x – stimulates the immune system, and helps control the fluid balance.

Contains equal parts of: Argentum met. prep. 6x; Pulsatilla vulgaris 3x; Thuja 3x; in water/ethanol base.


We recommend avoiding alcohol, and sweets while treating thrush. It is useful to eat acidophilus yoghurt during treatment, and to help prevent thrush. Sometimes antibiotic treatment can trigger thrush.

Combat candida with probiotics. If you have high meat (rotten high bacteria meat), like I do, use it. If you would rather buy a product, get OMX Capsules from Japan. They’re the best, most expensive too. Take 4 capsules a day.

For diet, best is Raw Paleolithic Diet – High Fat, low carb. If you are too prim and proper / too civilized to eat raw animal food, then eat cooked animal food paleolithic diet, high fat, low carb. Just 50 calories of carbohydrates from organic vegetable or organic fruit should be enough. Fat will be your fuel: butter, animal fat, fruit fat like extra virgin olive oil, coconut meat, raw nuts. Absolutely none of those idiotic starches from rice, wheat, potatoes, oats, corn, etc. Not only do they contain insane amounts of carbs to feed candida… they also contain fungus themselves from storage!

For the women, from women visit Candida 1-2-3: Diet and Supplements from Naturally Thriving.

And the coup de grace, to put the nail in the coffin of candida forever more is a 3 day virgin coconut oil detox. If that’s not enough, hit it with a 2nd 3 day virgin coconut oil detox. You can supplement with up to 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil a day.

For those allergic to virgin coconut oil. Use ever increasing dosages of wild oregano oil in capsules ingested every day some 5 or more drops of super concentrated oregano oil from Barefoot also has his experimental tree iodine. It should work much better than poison lugol’s iodine.

Do the rest of the Cure Manual. Remember, just say NO TO DRUGS. Anti-Candida drugs are VERY DANGEROUS they can come in a black box. They are soooo dangerous the product directions print in bold letters that side effects can be LIVER CIRRHOSIS and DEATH.

I have to warn you that you must take candida seriously. Fungus is one of the most deadly germs out there that can cause us great harm. Many types of cancers are fungus. So be methodical and squash candida while it is a mere annoyance. Female yeast infections are not local infections, they are systemic infections and must be addressed as such with utmost ferocity.