In my web development business we are busy making websites for Rey Herbal and Quantum Minerals Plus.  These are two remarkable products that may deliver cures assuming what ails you is what these products directly address.  My sermon in this blog post are those people I meet who are one trick ponies.  They learn about a good product, a good herb, or a good exercise move and that is all they ever do, they get stuck in that one single item.  It is ridiculous.  They bet their whole health in that single thing.

Let’s take Ka Rey Herrera’s Herbal food supplement.  No doubt it is great stuff.  It has cured people of diabetes to the point of amputation, it has cured cancers, it has cured renal failures, heart disease, blindness, it is all over the news.  Lately I hear Ka Rey cured the diabetes of a very popular religious leader so his television station repeatedly praises Ka Rey for his product.

I have no complaints about Ka Rey Herbal.  I think it is effective.  My complaint is the people who take it and see magnificent results are blinded in worshipping one single product.  They completely forget to see there are many other factors they can improve upon.  And if they go around enough reading the cure manual, they will learn many things and they all work in synergy to give them even more spectacular results.

I have seen people become one trick ponies with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, with Herbalife, with Quantum Mineral Drops, with Pao de Arco, Liver Flushing, etc.  Their health education is stunted with the worship of the product and that is where they stay for many years.

I think it is wrong.  You praise the product or procedure that helped you.  You learn why it helped you.  Then you move one to other things.  Expand your knowledge.  There is more.  More to learn.  More to achieve.