interviewed Dr. Robert Dowling, the founder of and they have a big bus going around the USA with a website advertising This is an in-your-face statement for those who still believe in the myth that there is no cure for cancer. From their website: Breast Cancer Mystery Solved: We know the cause, We know the cure, We know the prevention, We have found NO EXCEPTIONS.

So what is the primary cause of breast cancer? it’s in the mouth — oral pathology. Neurotoxins, the waste by-products of bacteria, trigger the cancer process by inhibiting tumor suppressant genes. More often than not, the individual is totally unaware of this deadly pathology in their mouth. In tens of thousands of cases, no exceptions have been found.

Translation: The ugly state of oral pathology in most women around the world is due to the profit seeking greed of the world’s dental industry which promoted mercury fillings, flouride treatments, root canals, metals in the mouth, wisdom teeth extractions and not thoroughly cleansing extractions. Plus the dental industry is a failure when it comes to preventing tooth decay and degeneration. There is a book called Cure Tooth Decay by Rami Nagel that teaches you how prevention and curing tooth decay is done.

Breast cancer prevention is through seeing your Biological dentist, which is now rapidly converting and educating dentists to be enlightened how to be agents of health instead of agents of unhealth. See your biological dentist now. Clean up your dental health of all the deadly mistakes of regular dentists. suggests screening women with harmless thermal imaging and then cleaning up their oral pathology. Very simple. You have mercury fillings, they have to be replaced or the teeth need to be extracted. You have root canaled teeth, extract now, no questions asked. You have old extraction sites? Have them checked.

Prevention is the ultimate cure for cancer and degenerative diseases. And prevention is the ultimate cure for breast cancer. The ultimate cure for breast cancer is here now, for any woman who wants it. Complete prevention – virtually 100% — is here today because NCIT has learned how to stop these deadly toxic enemies.

Of course there are other causes of different cancers in different dimensions. Visit and see how all women can be free of the scourge of breast cancer. Listen to the interview on

Hold on to your seats dear ones. This is blockbuster material not only for breast cancer but virtually all cancers and disease. At the risk of getting dramatic, what you are about to hear is way cool.

Meet Dr. Bob Dowlin, President of North Carolina Institute of Technology. Robert Dowling has a Doctorate in Biology and has been involved with research in health matters for thirty years. Their main website is Dr. Dowling says their thermal screening can detect cancer anywhere in the body up to ten years before mammograms and other contemporary methods.

Dental cleansing is part of Dr. Hulda Clark’s Cancer Cure protocol.  See her books Cure for All Cancers and Cure for All Advanced Cancers.

The biological dentistry is a well established industry with well established predictive science.  All you need to do is look up the internet.

Please pass this information to those you love. Visit One Radio Network and listen to the interview with Dr. Robert Dowling of