This post will be the precursor to a gout cure protocol I will soon be publishing in the diseases and tweaks of this Cure Manual.  This gout cure recently happened with our cook Manang Maring.  It was very much methodical and very easy.  Minimal effort and minimal expense.  Read on.

More than a month ago I overheard our maids and found out that our cook Manang Maring had been suffering from painful gout at the heals of her feet… for at least a year.  She had been enduring this pain and not telling us about it.  From our selfish point of view, her gout pain affects her work.  From my altruistic point of view… why hasn’t she told me about this gout pain?  Is she afraid I’ll just tell her to eat raw and she refuses to eat raw? No matter the reason, her gout pain was known and I had the cure… on the spot.

I went to my stock of tools for healing and got a small bottle of Energized Mineral Concentrate drops.  I gave it as a gift to Manang Maring.  If I sold it to her for 500 pesos she would refuse and say she had no money.  I told her to sit down on the chair and I put drops on both her heels and asked her to massage it.  I asked her to wait for a few minutes…. some 30 minutes… then asked again how she felt… she said the gout pain had subsided.  Of course it works.  EMC drops dissolves those pain causing deposits in the heels. I told her to take the bottle home and put the EMC drops every night.

I then taught Manang Maring the principles of the gout cure.  The acid deposits in her heels are easily dissolved by the EMC drops.  The next trick is to stop the formation of additional acid deposits.  This is achieved by cleansing her colon with a herbal colon cleanser like Dr. Tam’s Mineral Tea and a kidney cleanser like Avocado Leaves tea.  The source of acid deposits come from poorly digested non-human foods with the kidneys overloaded, this acid / waste / toxins instead remain in the blood and are deposited in the heals of her foot.  So stop consuming these bad non-paleolithic foods.  The main culprits are beans and seeds.  Something I see her prefer: mung beans and “sitaw”.  And also bad vegetable oil for frying… we switched to indian Ghee.

For all you raw paleolithic diet fans there, it is not possible for me to insist on people like Manang Maring to go raw.  These are the hopelessly cooked people so I have to find a way for her to heal using her cooked mindset.  So Manang Maring still eats a cooked diet, but she will need to eat a lot of fatty animal food instead of lean.  And she should fry with animal fat like ghee and not vegetable oil.  She also needed alkalizing fast with apple cider vinegar.  Just 3 tablespoons a day.

At the start, her gout pain was reduced with the EMC drops.  Then she still had pain in the mornings.  With the apple cider vinegar supplementation her morning gout pain disappeared.  What remained was her gout pain after walking long distances.  After cleansing her kidneys and the change in diet, even the gout pain after walking long distances disappeared.  No gout pain remained.  Gout pain gone.  Gout cured.

It took a lot of monitoring and badgering from me. Some 3 weeks. But it was worth it.