One big benefit of the raw paleolithic diet is the consumption of the easiest to digest raw fruits and raw animal foods. These are the best foods for humans. Plants, aka vegetables are a far 3rd… eat in times of starvation… or as herbs… but not as food! Only the raw vegan educated will gladly eat awful tasting grass instead of a succulent tree ripened fruit or a freshly killed juicy raw steak.

I live in a tropical climate so our fruits are organic / wild and they are fantastic… fantastic in price too… compared to dirt cheap vegetables. Of course if budget is a problem, you can be miserable and eat raw veggies instead of expensive fruit.

What brought up this blog post is a conversation with Patrick Timpone at Patrick is the owner and radio broadcaster of One Radio Network. He is smoking hot on the trail of all the very best health experts he can find. Download his podcasts and burn it in your CD and listen in your car or upload it to your mp3 player and listen to his radio interviews in your spare time. Awesome. How the convergence of technologies allows a health truth seeker like Patrick to be able to interview all these gurus.

So Patrick has been doing raw vegan for some time and this time decided to add some raw animal foods to his diet. Of course there are adjustments in the execution of the raw paleolithic diet from a raw vegan mindset. Whereas in a raw vegan setting it may take a combination of plant foods to approximate the nutrition required by humans… raw meat itself is a complete super food that needs only to be eaten alone.

This is how our conversation went in the forum and I hope everyone benefits by reading this:

Patrick said in response to how to eat raw beef video:

“cute children. Do you try to buy grass fed beef? Many say that is the very best. Do you agree? I’ve been mixing think slices of raw grass fed beef/buffalo from people I know at local Farmers Market…I mix all in to salad with olive oil, sea salt, ground up seaweed etc. and it tastes way yummy.

I must say my first two weeks was the best and the past few days…not digesting as well. Not sure what that is about.


I reply:

“Hi Patrick,

I only buy grass fed beef.

The reason you are not digesting well is you made the worst food combination which is a primary caution on eating raw paleo diet:

– Never, never, never ever mix your greens (salads) with your fats (olive oil) and meats (beef)

– The reason being greens need alkaline digestion. Meats and fats need acid digestion. They are complete opposites. Put those two together and your stomach can’t decide how to go about it.

– This is why using extra virgin olive oil with salad greens is a false paradigm. This is why leafy greens are suggested to be juiced and the fiber thrown out. Just drink the green juice as is.

– Fiber consumption for health is a myth. Barefoot and Aajonus also point this out. Even david wolfe prefers to juice his greens. Here is a link to this fiber myth expose:…e-book-fiber-menace/

– The only natural fiber we humans should consume is that naturally found in fruit.

– What makes people move their bowels are fruit and fat… not fiber.

– A salad like fruit is cucumber. Cucumber is a fruit. It has seeds. You can dip cucumber in your raw mayonnaise or extra virgin olive oil and some raw honey and balsamic vinegar.

The best raw food combination is NO raw food combination. Eat one food at a time.

If you are ever going to eat another food after or before your fat or meat, make it a fruit.

Another item you may want to remember is to not drink water within 30 minutes before or after a fat or meat meal because it dilutes your digestive juices.

Disclaimer: Of course these are opinions that work for me and my family which I have verified with teachers.”

Patrick replies:


Well, all that is very interesting indeed. I’ve eaten extra virgin olive oil on salads for years, and really never had excellent bowel health.

Yes, I do fruits and fats together. Coconut butter etc. in smoothies with lecithin etc.

Interesting indeed the idea of having the raw meat, cheese, kefir or eggs totally alone, nothing else.

So my thinking was the enzymes from the greens will help digest the meat. It worked for about two weeks and then no go. Interesting.

I’ll try the animal food alone and see what happens. Keep in touch and thanks for the ideas. As you say, the proof is in the pudding. It is also important, I think to try ideas from people who are getting the results that you want.
Hey, you have a family and live in on a tropical’re doing something right

I sent an email to the Fiber is a menace author and we’ll get him on the show.



I reply:

“Hi Patrick,

To experience skyrocketing digestion, stop eating plants… yes… stop eating vegetables… Barefoot Herbalist MH will tell you the same thing.

Eat local raw ripe organic fruits in season and fatty raw animal foods

Fruits digest in 30 minutes.

Raw animal food in small quantities in just 1 hour. remember to eat raw fats.

Wai Genriiu has a factual observation on:

We Don’t Need to Eat Plants

In Short :

We are not pigeons.
We are not cows.

Therefore we don’t have a crop to digest cereals, nor 4 stomachs to gradually digest grasses or leaves. Cereals and vegetables contain many different substances inhibiting digestion and the uptake of nutrients in humans. To maximally absorb all required nutrients, you need to consume easy-digestible raw foods. And fruits and sashimi or fresh raw egg yolk (mixed with avocado) combined, contain all nutrients you need. There is not a single nutrient in vegetables or cereals, fruits do not contain. (see site3)

To prevent your tummy to swell; don’t consume any beans, vegetables or grains. However, some vegetables you may find easy to digest, which allows you to eat these.”

Wow, Patrick will contact Fiber Menace author for an interview. Go Patrick, go!