By some twist of fate, and have been gifted to me.  Thanks Craig. I’m only an enabler, not the top expert.  It just so happens I run a web development company and I’m a network administrator.  I have only been a practitioner of the raw paleolithic diet for 1 year which means you can find longer term practitioners in the forum and in the website.  Much scholarly posts are done by “Tyler Durden”… when he writes, I listen.

Handling these websites is an enormous responsibility, someone has to do this to altruistically tell the world of our wondrous discoveries of how the original human diet is still the optimal fuel for our bodies.  How various diseases can be cured repeatedly and predictably by switching to a raw paleolithic diet.

There are 3 resources of information you can visit for support.  The raw paleolithic diet information site at, join the forum at and join the mailing list managed by Geoff Purcell at

It is not an exagerration when I say multitudes of illnesses can be cured by switching to a raw paleolithic diet.  You just have to try it for yourself.