For those of you holding out and still eating a majority cooked food diet, this video is for you.  In a few short minutes this video will spark your interest that you can do better, that you owe it to your growing children to grow up in much better health than you did.  Wake up and break away from the dark ages of cooked and processed food.  There is no other way.  If you want to reverse the degeneration, the obliteration of your family tree, if you want a new golden age of health and fertility, this is the way it just has to be.  Humans are raw omnivores, humans are supposed to be eating raw organic / wild fruit, raw organic vegetables, raw organic / wild meat (raw animal foods including internal organs).

Description of the YouTube video:

You’ve discovered one of the most unique health resources in the world! This is the astonishing and amazing story of the great nutrition pioneers: Weston A. Price, DDS and Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD

The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF) is a non-profit educational resource providing access to modern scientific validation of ancestral wisdom on nutrition, agriculture, and health for 55 years. Originally known as the Weston A. Price Memorial Foundation, we serve as the guardian for the precious archival material from the research of Weston A. Price, DDS and Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD, and most of the great nutrition pioneers of our time, as well as maintaining a library of over 10,000 historical and contemporary references.

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