Baby Dylan was born early 2007 and what his parents immediately noticed was growing fast, aggressive foot cancer.  In a few months his right foot could no longer be recognized as his whole lower right leg had been converted to a gigantic cyst.  His parents and relatives were shopping around for treatments and were spending literally thousands, some 18 thousand pesos per day in the Asian Hospital. All hospitals sought for treatment for the foot cancer offered a single recourse only: amputation of baby Dylan’s right leg at the middle of the thigh.

Amputation of baby Dylan’s right leg was not a good solution the parents thought and it took the will of a couple of relatives to pull baby Dylan out of the hospitals and into the care of Doctora Patawaran.  Luckily at that time, Doctora Patawaran had already invented Quantum Minerals Plus drops and it was a useful tool in Baby Dylan’s treatment.

Doctora Patawaran had told us the many drops everyday they used of Quantum Minerals Plus directly on the tumor to detoxify it.  Quantum minerals plus drops was also used as a food supplement.  I talked to baby Dylan’s father Chris and he said another form of treatment Doctora Patawaran used was Argon laser, and this was lessened as the tumor shrunk.  Eventually baby Dylan had his foot and all his toes back to normal.

Today December 6, 2008, baby Dylan and family and I were attending the product launching of Quantum Minerals Plus and before the grand drawing of the raffle baby Dylan was asked to come up the stage.  Dra Patawaran said this little boy is one of her inspirations of how young children with cancer can be cured and lead healthy happy lives.  Dylan walked and even jumped on command on stage for everyone to see.  In a few months he will turn 2.  He is so cute and adorable, you would never think this boy used to have cancer.

These days baby Dylan is on a diet of BREAST MILK, fruits, vegetables, rice and fish… no chicken, no beef, no pork.  His supplementation and checkups are handled by the equally great Anthroposophic doctor Jake Tan.

What was pleasant for me to find there was that one of the staff of Manila Waldorf, where my children go to school, is a direct aunt of baby Dylan… this facilitated the ease and candidness of my interview.  Aireen introduced me to baby Dylan’s parents.

What was surprising to find out was that baby Dylan is the 2nd child.  He has an older brother 4 years older than he and his older brother was completely healthy.  If I know my teachings about toxicity, is that it is usually the first born that is the most toxic, I tell this to Dylan’s father.  I asked what happened to his wife after the first boy was born?  The answer was that Dylan’s mother accepted work at an electronics assembly factory.  This was the source of the toxicity, the reason baby Dylan was born sick.  His mother dumped her toxicity on her unborn son at that time, thus baby Dylan was born with cancer.  Usually it takes a child the first 3 years of life to detox mother’s toxic mistakes.  With the help of 2 wonderful doctors, Dylan will be on the path to stellar health.

What was wonderful about this report is that I have seen pictures and heard stories about this child when he was sick and healing.  Now I got to meet this child face to face, to touch him, to feel him and actually shake hands and talk with his parents and talk to the good doctor who treated him and invented Quantum Minerals Plus.

A lesson here is that where you live and where you work has many things to do with your health.  Maybe Dylan’s family should sue the electronics assembly factory.

Does your child have cancer?  Do you know children with cancer?  Learn from this cancer cure story and possibly be cured yourself.  These doctors and these treatments are available today right here in Metro Manila, Philippines.