I posted a question for Dr. Sutter in his forum at Curezone and was rewarded at his answer as to my curiosity as to how he did his daily liver flushes.  This is how our conversation in his forum went.

Hi Doc,

I just read your book. Very nice. Highly recommended.
I’m not a newbie, I’m a liver flush veteran 20+ but I spaced it every 2 weeks.
I’m curious as to the daily liver flushing you did and I’m interested in applying it to critical cases like what you did.

So how did you do the daily liver cleanse?
Did you continue to take ultra phos?
Did you use the same dosage 2oz, 2oz, 2oz every evening?
Did you use an enema after every flush or a colon cleanse?

And Dr Sutter answered:

I stayed on the AJ with the Ultraphos in it daily and every night about 10 o’clock drank the 2 ounces of lemon juice, 4 ounces of Olive oil and four ounces of Coke. Stir, don’t shake – drink it down and go lay down.

The original recipe called for 8 ounces each of coke and olive oil. So during those two months of daily flushes I experimented with the dosages. The 2 ounces of lemon, 4 each of coke and olive oil works the best.

No enemas, no colonic irrigation, no help at all keeping the colon open and clean. Ate my regular diet through the whole thing. No pre or post flush requirements. Three hours after your evening meal – flush. Saved my life at the time.

It’s very extreme though and I don’t recommend that long on the daily flushes. What I’ve seen since then is one, maybe two, weeks of daily flushes for the real bad cases. Terminal or close to it.

Couple that up with the antiparasite protocol and the cancer is gone in six months.

But it AIN’T easy. It’ll test your very soul. Usually people don’t do it unless they have no choice. They know they’re in trouble. They know they’re dying.

Of course most folks don’t need that heavy of a regime. Thankfully. But if you’ve been playing around with chronic problems for the past 5 years (most people quite a bit longer than that) you better get to it.

The bottom line is to really understand the 4 fundamentals of the NHP and really “GET” that elevation of health is the ONLY way to eliminate disease. To get folks to stop trying to treat the disease and just concentrate on elevating health levels is very foreign to them and takes a bit of mental “work out” to accomplish.

But it works and I’ve seen some remarkable comebacks the past eight years. People that would have been dead long ago had they not applied this material.

The Paradigm shift is:

Don’t treat the disease – Elevate health levels.


The only thing to watch out here is sugar problems if you cannot tolerate too much sweetness from apple juice. There are other liver flush modifications to try if you have problems with sugar. Look up the egg yolk liver flush for daily flushing. I don’t mind having an egg yolk liver flush every dinner. I usually do not eat dinner lately. With my raw paleo diet, I just eat my big main meal at lunch.

The original conversation with Dr. Sutter can be found at his forum in curezone at http://www.curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1334425