This week I decided to try Dr. Kenneth Sutter’s coke liver flush.  I just happened to know a local doctor who carried what I thought was Ultra Phos, turned out it was Super Phos.  Maybe it’s just a brand name, maybe there is a difference.  I checked out the liver flush via Super Phos and it seemed similar enough.  I thought I’d just try it just the same as if it were ultra phos.

So I bought the usual Harvey Fresh crushed apple juice and added 10 cc of Super Phos per liter.  I drank 1 liter of apple juice per day.  Which to my surprise, was very hard to do for me!  I analyze that the past liver flushes I did were Hulda Clark liver flushes… no apple juice in them.  More importantly I’ve been on a raw paleolithic diet – high fat – low carb for about a year now… and I’m not used to consuming so much carbohydrates… and since I’m on raw food and raw fruits… I do not drink water, I do not get thirsty… I had to force myself to drink the apple juice because it does not really fit my eating or drinking schedule.

I can say immediately that I felt bad those 3 days I drank the apple juice with the Super Phos.  Almost sickly, but not really sick, I just did not feel good.  I could feel my liver “flowing”… I could smell it in my poop.  I’m a veteran of 20+ liver flushes so I can testify when I feel my liver flowing… maybe the Super Phos + 1 liter of apple juice is equivalent to the 2 day apple juice fast I used to do.

On the evening of the liver flush I got my tiny coke bottle and lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.  I had my dinner of raw clams at 7 pm so I had to wait 3 hours and finally I got to drink by 11 pm.  What I didn’t expect as I was reading Dr. Sutter’s book is that I need to be on my right side for 30 minutes, then turn to my left side for 15 minutes, then flat on my back for 15 minutes… gosh… on the 15 minutes on my back, I fell asleep and didn’t get to stand up anymore.  Grrrr…. maybe in the next liver flush.

The results I got?  Grainy poop.  I had gotten used to liver flushing that the following day my kids and I went mountain trekking so my first poop was in the Montalban Tourism office toilet.  Hey, it’s just poop.  Then we went to the zoo… more poop again there… then we went to other places, then finally home late afternoon and more poop at home.  How’s that for expert liver flushing huh?  Just bring your toilet paper.  Ha ha!

The later poops were grainy… I look closely and they remind me of the sandy green poop I would get with the Hulda Clark liver flush which is a “clean” liver flush.  I think the good thing about Dr. Sutter’s liver flush is the liver continues to flow after the flush.  Dr. Sutter wants you to continue with the apple juice and Ultra Phos for 2 more days at reduced amounts.

I did a sneaky modification the following evening I had for dinner an egg liver flush dinner… 2 raw egg yolks plus 1 tablespoon of yellow grassfed butter.  Man, I felt my liver flow again and I felt not good immediately and went to bed early.  Seems there may be more poisons being dislodged from my liver.

What I learned from Dr. Sutter’s book and my experience with his flush and with the short conversation I had with him on his forum at Curezone is that there may be instances when continuous liver flushing may be necessary and may speed up the process.  For too long I had bought the idea that the spacing must be every 2 to 4 weeks between liver flushes, but I learned in my past 2 liver flushes that you can flush daily if needed.

I highly suggest sick people experiment with the various methods of liver flushing and listen to what your body feels it needs at the moment.  I suspect each type of liver flush will be beneficial in a different way.  I do not suggest to do just 1 kind of liver flush.  If you want different results, you must do different things.  Happy liver flushing people!

Dr Sutter’s liver flush instructions can be found at