Doctor Kenneth R. Sutter’s book: It’s Not Illegal to get Healthy – The Natural Healing paradigm is a slim book that I feel is meant for newbies who are newly diagnosed with an incurable, afraid, and seems lost in the alternative healing world.  Yes, the alternative healing world is a much bigger world than western medicine’s drugs, surgery and radiation.  Yes, the alternative healing world is so much more effective, but you have to be at the driver’s seat, you are responsible for your own strategy, you are with yourself 24 hours a day.  You know what works.  This book calms you down, guides you to the beginner’s path to healing.

At only 71 pages short, the book is a short read.  But a mouthful to handle for the newbie.  Newbies need confidence, steel resolve, a clear path.  Step 1, straighten your spine… nervous system health.  Step 2, clean it out… the detoxes and Doc Sutter stresses on the liver flush.  Step 3, good nutrition… the doc wants you to get rid of sugar, wheat and potatoes, Step 4, exercise.

I may not be a newbie but I still gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom from this book.  You cannot know everything.  You can learn something new from every expert out there.  I learned a new type of liver flush method, I learned daily liver flushes can be done, and can be beneficial… I wish I knew this a long time ago.  Convinced me to try the coke liver flush this week!

I learned more about parasites in this book.  That parasite cleansing is a must.  Especially if you live in the tropics.  Doc Sutter went to war in Vietnam and got the parasites.  I live in the Philippines my whole life so I am living with parasites too.

Doc Sutter got me thinking, there is more I can do to achieve higher health.  I’ve been getting better, but not outstandingly yet.  I want to be outstandingly healthy and Doc Sutter inspired me.

The Doc has a nice introduction on his website:

Is it really possible to be healthy? Once you get past the “privileges of youth” stage of life staying healthy can get to be quite a problem. After a while you start to ask yourself if it’s really possible to be healthy.

What are the fundamentals that govern health? Are they even available in clear enough language for the average person to understand?

Is it possible to “cure” a disease?

Do you have to become a “health nut” to get healthy and stay healthy?

What is the Medical paradigm?

What is the Natural Healing paradigm?

What are the four fundamentals that govern health?

How did the survivors of “terminal” do it?

Does vegetarianism work?

Does the high protein diet work?

What about the raw food diet?

What about vaccinations and prescription drugs?

And then there’s all the supplements. This vitamin, that vitamin, which ones work?

What do I need to get healthy?

You have probably already experienced the frustrations of trying to get healthy. It can be very a very big problem.

That’s why I put this program together. It takes the confusion out of getting healthy and then staying healthy. Once you understand the principles I talk about in my book, CD, or DVD you’ll be able to study any “expert” in Natural Healing and understand which principles they are applying to get sick people well. Until then you’ll follow the last guy you read.

This is the roadmap.
This eliminates the confusion.
This is where you start.

I cover the answers to the above questions and give you much more information on the entire world of Natural Healing. Things I’ve actually accomplished. Things I’ve been teaching other people for eight years now. Everyone from “terminal” to the average guy who just wants to know how to stay healthy.

Here’s where you start, here’s where the confusion ends.

Here’s where you learn HOW to get healthy.

Welcome aboard.

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II

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