I just finished reading Rami Nagel’s new book Healing Our Children.  I waited for this book to be released.  It was a bit delayed, it was released, I ordered it, I received it this new year and I just read it.  Just once.  I think this book deserves a 2nd and 3rd reading and it deserves to be part of your reference shelf.

This is what the book is about:

Healing Our Children reveals that each disease of pregnancy and childhood can be prevented naturally. The secrets of having a vibrant, healthy child are explained in easy to grasp terms.

Learn how to:
·substantially reduce your child’s risk for every disease
·reduce your risk of birth defects by 1602%
·reduce your risk of miscarriage by 640%
·reduce your risk of premature births by 315%
·reverse infertility in 78.4% of the cases
·significantly reduce birth complications
·have a more comfortable pregnancy
·feel supported in holistic child raising practices
·have a child who meets and exceeds the intelligence for his age group
·shorten your recovery time after birth
·prevent autism
·prevent SIDS
·prevent post-partum depression
·prevent dental cavities
·and so much more…

First of all, I would have appreciated a digital copy instead or as a supplement.  I like my electronic e-books.  Especially Rami Nagel’s book Healing Our Children, is a gold mine in terms of further reading and further references to various websites and resources.  So many good website links, instead of me re-typing them I’d just click on them.  But alas, maybe internet piracy / copying is just too big a problem, authors today would rather not post digital ebooks.

This book is so good I’m giving it as a wedding present for my brother.  This book is so good every one soon to be wed must read it, learn from it and adopt its ideas immediately.  Where I am coming from is from being the family healer, so I do know more than the basics of natural healing and what it is all about.

It is handy for Rami Nagel to give away the first chapter so you can see his approach and his outline.  I highly suggest you download his free chapter so you can decide if you want to buy this book.  Download Chapter 1 of Healing Our Children by Rami Nagel.

I was pleasantly surprised to read that Rami decided to go with all guns blazing… a cure for all diseases approach in this book.  I thought it would be all about children, but you do not get anywhere unless you cure the parents of their conventional brainwashing.  Yes, whoever you give this book as a gift must be ready to be shocked out of their wits.  Every urban belief they have will shake and must give way to truthful and effective information.  Truth has no manners, truth is being slapped on your face at each page.  I just wonder at how many young, naive and closed minded people will just mentally flip and be angry at this book and probably decide to tear it apart.

Rami Nagel shoots down the western medical profession and it’s failed hypothesis about the nature of disease.  Rami Nagel challenges the regular dentist.  Rami Nagel challenges conventional nutrition, he wants you to eat fat, fat, fat and more fat… I agree with him, no surprise… Rami Nagel is preaching to the choir of which I am a member of.  Although Rami is no fan of fruits… I am a fan of fruits… because I live in a tropical country and we have the really great fruits… the fatty and nutritious ones: coconuts, avocados, pili nuts, papayas, pineapples, guavas, green indian mangoes, high potassium bananas, etc.

Pre-conception tips.  Absolutely great.  Diet based writing though.  I have some more articles in my www.fertilityhelp.net website but they are not fit to be printed in book form if you know what I mean… wink wink.

Rami Nagel challenges each and every urban American myth about childbirth and child raising.  Shame on those mothers who abandon their children.  I agree with him.  Hey, I’ve got more children than Rami.  I know.

Child education?  Exposes the communist system that dumbs down many of today’s children.  I know this.  I used to be suspicious of home schooling until I tried it myself in the first year of schooling of our first born.  I understood how home schooling was so much better.  And this is why I and my wife decided our children needed to go send our children to Manila Waldorf.

And the big atomic bomb that Rami Nagel sets off is a no holds barred assault against vaccinations!  Oh yeah!  Go Rami go!  He again preached to the choir, me.  I did my own research and I came up with the same conclusions.  At least this saves me the time of badgering my brother to never vaccinate his future children.  If he doesn’t listen, the book is thick enough you can knock sense into any hard headed fool.

The book looks lovely feminine, but the writing, the content, is all manly, logic, no fluff and chock full of meaty content and lots of links for further studies.  The book spells truth.  I do not know how the uninitiated will feel about his whole life’s paradigm being chastised to the bone marrow.  I hope it shatters the current western medical urban myths and brings in a new golden age of abundant health.

My recommendation?  Buy it.  Buy it now.  Give it as a gift to those you truly love.  Buy Healing Our Children.