This was originally posted in my reply on the website in response to an inquiry regarding specific cures to the protozoa Toxoplasma gondii.

In wikipedia it says Toxoplasma gondii’s main host are cats.  If you have cats, get rid of them.  You don’t want to be reinfected cyclically after you’ve gotten rid of the parasites yourself.

I don’t know the specific tool for a specific parasite, I only know tools that work on a wide swath of parasites.  Usually that is the way herbs and electrical devices work.

For herbals I have used: (dewormer)
Super concentrated oregano oil works.  Barefoot sells them too.

For zappers I have used:

A locally manufactured zapper.
A zapper from
Here is a powerful zapper I’ve always wanted to order:

Here is a Russian zapper you swallow and it gets rid of the baddest parasites in your intestines, I have never used it:

For frequency generators, there are health practitioners in my country who charge per session for the Beam Ray brand machines.  These frequency generators will reach those hard to reach places the zappers and the herbals won’t reach.  I’m pretty sure someone in your country operates this device for a fee.

Make sure your colon is working perfectly when you do parasite cleanses… there are tendencies to become constipated in the process… so I have herbal colon cleansers ready to use in tandem.  Drink plenty of fluids too as parasite dead bodies are excreted both via the colon if intestinal and via the kidneys if the parasites are in the blood.

Hulda Clark has a great discussion of parasites in her book.  The old version is available for download PDF for free.

In that book Dr. Clark talks about ozonated olive oil as another method.  Her herbal combination is improved much by Barefoot Herbalist as mentioned above.

Just last month I just got bit by sand flies and I suffered but cured myself of suspected leishmaniasis… a kind of protozoa carried by sand flies.  Here are my blog posts regarding my ordeal and recovery: