Daniel Dingle and his water powered car is real. Just as cancer cures and every form of disease cure is real. Everything is science, logic, demonstrable, repeatable. What is holding back water powered cars and disease cures? Most people do not see curing diseases or fitting everyone with water powered cars as profitable. In short, there’s no profit in it, why get into the business of it?

I distinctly remember being told there is no money in real cure paradigms. It is enough that I am benefiting my own family. Keep it within the family and concentrate on my own more profitable business. I run a website development and maintenance company.

The loving people who told me that understood that the cures did work, for myself, for my family and for thousands of other real cure practitioners around the planet… it is common sense… for us… but not for the rest of the zombie masses.

Being able to discern truth in healing and truth in water powered cars requires some scientific – non-dogmatic – non-political – non-greedy – altruistic – honest – intelligence. My disclosure is I’m a mechanical engineer and a programmer and a network administrator in the open source software world of GNU Linux so everything is just logic 101 that has to be demonstrable, repeatable, by anybody… there are no secrets… the techniques, knowledge, technology is open for everyone to read, learn and improve upon… and this should apply to health and healing. The behemoth companies, industries and institutions that profit from the paradigm of lies of un-health must all fall for the benefit of the human race.

I sometimes refer to my cure manual and my other websites as open source healing. Why hide it? Why sell it? Just give away the darn information for everyone to know about it as plain as common sense. There are other ways to profit from open source healing.

Today we live our lives as if this knowledge is common sense. It’s not new anymore. I do not feel wierd or ostracized from the rest of society. So I don’t eat rice, I don’t eat bread, corn, nor pasta, instead I eat raw fruits, raw vegs and raw meat, I don’t use shampoo, I don’t use toothpaste and I don’t use deodorants, we don’t use pesticides at home and we take zero drugs… it’s common sense. It is common sense to us because we do not watch the brain washing device known as the television… the boob tube.

Why is this common sense to us? I’ve been overweight, deathly sick, chronically fatigued… now I’m just glowing healthy, better than I’ve felt since I was a teenager. What I used to follow as television sense was actually a whole lot of nonsense, in fact, they were mostly marketing garbage.

Watch a short documentary about Mr. Dingle’s water powered car. This invention is just a matter of fact. The only thing that needs to be worked out is how to make money with it, who to partner with and how to spread the wealth this invention brings to the Filipino people.