Oh my, Mr. Monastirsky has done it again.  After exposing the Fiber Myth, the lies that artificially added fiber in processed food is good for you, Mr. Monastirsky delivers his biggest nuclear bomb yet!  Colonoscopy is deadly and at the same time totally pointless!  Consumer FRAUD!  Virtual Colonoscopies are even worse!

You people are coerced, lied to that you need a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer.  You are lied to by a celebrity, Katie Couric, on advertisements on television, that if you do a colonoscopy early enough, you get to cure colon cancer 90% of the time… a total lie, a total fiction, no such study exists!  In fact, colonoscopy procedures are absolutely harmful to your health!

And the people behind this colonoscopy fraud?  All interested only in your money.  Mr. Monastirsky has exposed the celebrity, the manufacturers, and the doctors behind this hideous harmful fraud in a clear, concise, and factual manner.  Why Mr. Monastirsky has drummed up enough evidence to charge the fraudsters in court!  Why colonscopy victims should be filing class action suits!

And I say this from just watching a mere 10 minutes of Mr. Monastirsky below. Death by Colonoscopy, An Investigative Report, Part I Anatomy of a Deadly Lie.


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