The following video news report shows an American woman being diagnosed with a brain tumor and that they have to rush to operate on her to remove the brain tumor.  Luckily for her, it was a simple act of the doctor removing the worm with his tweezers.  Her brain and head are closed up and the doctor calls it a wrap, mission accomplished.  As simple as that… or is it?

The mainstream media and their tutors the western medical establishment are misinformed about the mechanics of parasitism.  Please ignore the standard conventional wisdom knee jerk reactions in this news report about simply washing your hands and not to eat raw pork… this is such an outdated concept you would think these people were living in the 18th century.  

In the 19th and 20th century, many books were written about parasites, their life cycles, their mechanics.  Obviously whatever education today’s western medical doctor gets, does not include any real parasite information.

In the mid 1990s, Dr Hulda Clark, a German – American wrote her very popular book Cure for All Diseases and wrote about parasites being a primary cause of many diseases.  Especially now that parasitism is combined with pollutive chemicals introduced into the bodies of your average consumer.  For example, isopropyl alcohol on the skin is absorbed and collects in the liver attracting fluke worms that are normally found symbiotically living with us in our intestines… but in the liver, fluke worms cause havoc and this gives rise to many cancers.

In the case of this woman, the news report should have taken the time to identify the exact species of the worm.  Then they would have known the life cycle mechanics of that worm.  Then they would have known what pollutants it may have been attracted to for it to grow in the brain like that.  Then people will be informed as to what those pollutants are that they should be avoiding to prevent this kind of brain worm attack.  The doctor said this was getting to be common, he has done 5 operations with this occurrence, and his colleagues have reported doing the same.  

The fact is, parasitism is a given in the human species.  Parasitism is not given western medical attention because their drug industry is very weak when it comes to getting rid of parasites.  Their patented chemicals can only get rid of a handful of parasites in their adult stages.  All the while in the much bigger world of alternative medicine, herbal parasite cleansers are very thorough and very safe with decades of experience, freely available plans to make zappers are available and are a good accompaniment to get rid of parasites, beam ray machines / frequency generators will eradicate parasites in areas of the human body where the blood does not reach.

Since the mainstream media is dependent on western medicine to educate them about parasites, they will get none because the drug industry has no effective, no profitable remedies for parasites.

The apalling thing about this case is the doctor and the infected woman saying case closed. Wash your hands and cook your pork well.  The audience sighs and thinks the case is indeed closed.  This is ridiculous. Parasites are never loners.  You find one worm, you expect to find lots and lots more in varying stages of development in various parts of your body.  Parasites are everywhere, in cooked food, in raw food, in fruits, in vegetables and in the very air we breath. You can’t escape parasites. If your body is unpolluted, we can happily coexist with them… most of the time. But if they misbehave, I’m armed and dangerous.

The woman should buy Hulda Clark’s book and do pollution avoidance measures.  She should cleanse her colon, kidney and liver.  She should identify the worm, do Beam Ray treatments to get rid of the worms.  She should zap.  She should take 30 day herbal parasite cleanses. Get rid of them all now or face a recurrence of something worse.

What’s more, her entire family, including the pets must be dewormed.  If she really loved her kids, she would at the minimum read Dr. Hulda Clark’s book: The Cure for All Diseases.

You can find some sources of herbal dewormers at the Parasite Cleansing section of this website. I buy both Humaworm and Barefoot Herbalist Dewormer.

I happily disclose that I’m a raw foodist, I feed my kids raw meat several times a week. I follow a raw paleolithic diet and hang out with fellow raw foodists who eat various raw animal foods, raw vegetables and raw fruits. Parasites don’t scare us.  Raw paleo diet and its variants cure the incurable diseases and allows us to reach new health levels we never experienced on other diets.  Visit our forum at

I happily disclose that I have herbal dewormers and zappers at home for stand by.  I have done 30 day parasite cleanses myself and have done so with our children.  Herbal dewormers and zappers have saved me and my wife from miseries which western medicine may have taken a long time to solve.  For example, amoebiasis, encephalitis and heart pain. Armed with the right knowledge and the right tools, there is no need to fear parasites.