Women are victims of their own vanity.  In an effort to race to catch the best men, they do the most horrible things to themselves thinking these will improve their looks.  The catch is cosmetics and personal care products are polluting their bodies every single day.  Eventually, all will succumb.  If cancer doesn’t get them… something else will.

Most women fall for advertising pitches, this is why advertisers target them most of the time, best bang for their advertising bucks.  Who has the shiniest hair – with the most toxic shampoos, best smelling – with the most toxic fragrances, smoothest skin – with the most toxic soap, whitest teeth – always with poison flouride, freshest breath – with isopropyl alcohol in the mouth wash, fancy colors on their faces like clowns – with toxic chemicals you can’t pronounce, and other pampering products all meant for them to look “naturally” beautiful.

This is all rubbish, the most beautiful women are those who don’t use any of those polluting make-ups and toxic chemicals, eat the cleanest diets, healthy and glowing from the inside out.  My favorite wife is such an example of a clean woman… so I know first hand.

An english investigative journalist dares to ask: Is your make up killing you?  I answer… obviously yes!  She has a book out there called Toxic Beauty by Dawn Mellowship.  Buy it.  Be convinced.  It is so.

An article published in the Daily Mail had extracted some concepts from the book: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1132810/Is-make-killing-There-deadly-poisons-lurking-handbag.html

The solution is easy, I’ll just tell you what my wife does.  Shampoo, get organic and SLS free.  Soap, get organic and SLS free.  Deodorant, no chemicals, all natural, organic… citrus will do… or an organic brand with no chemicals you can’t pronounce, toothpaste – all natural flouride free; make-up – ZERO.  Don’t trust any.  Results, she’s a high powered executive in a multinational company and she has 3 kids.  She spends ZERO time on make up, instead she spends her extra time on playing musical instruments likt the piano, the violin and the harp.

In our world of healing, the first thing you tell a very sickly person for him to get well is for ZERO personal care products, I don’t care if it is organic, just drop everything, including hair dye, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant.  I mean it.  It works.  People get well.

And let’s face it, I don’t think women who wear make up are pretty.  And it’s a pretty good guess, many men don’t like women wearing all those clown make up either.  A man can’t ravish a clown make up faced woman, she has to wipe and wash it all off first.

Real beauty works each and every time.  It is the women health buffs who shine pretty because they are healthy beginning with the inside… health brings fertility too… and physiologically being fertile is the ultimate signal of being visually sexy.

Did you know that if you follow the principles of this cure manual you will be healthy, sexy and beautiful?  With no make-up!  Humans are meant to be pretty when healthy.  Pretty people are healthy people.  It is the nature of things.