You can cure cancer with raw pork pancreas, raw beef liver, and enemas. This is what a 45-year-old lady in Makati and a 17-year-old boy from Alabama found in the year 2003.

A well-known Metro Manila hospital, where she had undergone chemo and blood transfusion, had told the lady her leukemia was 3 months terminal. She was in constant pain, 24 hours a day, could no longer walk and had black and blue bruises all over, including the soles of her feet. Blood was coming out of all outlets, her eyes, her ears, her nose, her gums and mouth, her vagina, her rectum. She had stopped the chemo after one session, “because it made me feel so bad, I felt it was killing me.”

Last week of August, 2003, she started taking 2 tablespoons of raw pork pancreas 7x a day (4x on an empty stomach, 3x with her meals), 3 tablespoons of raw beef liver with her lunch, and water enemas twice a week with a garden hose connected to a faucet and the faucet opened full blast until the water running out of her intestines had become clear.

After 1 week, all the pain had disappeared and she was walking again. After 2 weeks, all the black and blue bruises were gone. After 4 weeks, virtually all the bleeding had stopped except for occasional nosebleeds when she coughed. After 2 months, the last week of October 2003, she was completely well. Her conventional doctor was asking, “What have you been taking?”

A total of 18 blood chemistry tests were taken (CBC and for all the vital organs), and the results were totally normal, except for high eosinophils which meant she had parasites, which was expected from the raw food she was taking. But these were quickly killed with just a few minutes of zapping with a bio-electric zapper invented by Msgr. Howard May, who provides zappers to his missionaries in Mindanao and the Mountain provinces for use in killing parasites and bacterial and viral illnesses in place of unaffordable pharmaceutical drugs.

To this day, the lady is well and healthy. She takes a maintenance dose of 1 tablespoon of raw pork pancreas with every meal. She had 3 friends who also had terminal leukemia. All 3 took the conventional route of chemos and blood transfusions. All 3 are dead.

With the 17-year old American boy from Alabama (his parents brought him to the Philippines because they couldn’t get raw pork pancreas in the U.S.), it took six months to cure his throat cancer. He had become almost skin and bones because with lesions running down the esophagus, he could hardly eat. He started the raw pancreas and liver treatment also in August 2003, but instead of the high-powered water enema, he took milder, gravity-fed daily coffee enemas. By February 2004, he was husky and strong again, and was lifting weights in the gym before returning home to Alabama in March 2004. His father says he is now in college and doing very well academically.

The raw pancreas and liver protocol is based on Dr. William Donald Kelley’s pancreatic enzyme therapy for cancer. With this therapy that he developed, he cured himself in 18 months of 1.5 months terminal pancreatic cancer 42 years ago. When he died at 79 of a heart attack on January 30, 2005, he was the longest living cancer survivor in the world, and in the last 42 years, he had cured more than 33,000 terminal cancer patients of all kinds of cancer.

Kelley found that cancer is only a nutritional deficiency, a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes and of nutritional elements that make for a strong immune system. He found that the cancer cell, which is an animal cell, has a protein coating with a negative ion charge; immune system cells also have negative ion charges, so the two repel each other. So no matter how strong the immune system is, it cannot kill the cancer cell. So what Kelley found is that pancreatic enzymes will digest the outer coating of the cancer cell. This removes the negative ion charge, and the immune system cells can now go in and kill the cancer cell.

So essentially, Kelley’s therapy is to provide megadoses of pancreatic enzymes to digest the cancer cells, and megadoses of vitamins, minerals, glandular extracts to make the immune system strong enough to kill the cancer, and to do the enemas to remove from the body the resulting millions of dead cancer cells which, like all dead animal cells, are rotting and toxic.

In the United States, Kelley’s enzyme and nutritional capsules cost around $2,000 a month, which is unaffordable for most Filipinos. But with raw pork pancreas (which is very rich in trypsin and chymotrypsin enzymes needed to digest the cancer cell) and raw beef liver (which is very rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements needed for a strong immune system, and which builds up the blood better and faster than any pharmaceutical drug), the cost per month is only around P1,000.

The dosages for raw pork pancreas and raw beef liver came from Dr. Kelley himself in answer to my request. I felt these raw foods could provide a cancer cure for the poor in the Philippines, since Kelley’s expensive enzyme capsules came from porcine sources, and Kelley was eating raw beef liver to boost his immune system when he was curing himself of pancreatic cancer.

Kelley served in Subic when he was in the navy as a young man, and authored a picture book with high praises for the Filipino people. He was looking forward to coming to the Philippines in November 2005 as the main speaker for the 4th Annual Conference on the Power of Natural Healing of the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM). He won’t be able to come, but with the raw pork pancreas and raw beef liver therapy for cancer, he has left a valuable legacy for the poor in the Philippines – and the poor in the whole world. (Actually, the therapy works for poor and rich alike.)


You can get an appointment with Dr. Dy-Liacco by calling his secretary at +63-2-924-2487. He holds office in La Vista, Quezon City.