After being cured of a terrible eczema and curing many other people, consulting with true healers, and exchanging notes with the healthiest raw foodists and lately observing my immediate vicinity in the big city… it appears clearly that what passes off as “common sense”, what the “mainstream media”, and what mainstream western medicine teaches the institutions around us… the industries that grew around to profit from “common sense” are 99% wrong… in fact they promote 99% of products, practices, beliefs, paradigms that are completely wrong and in fact opposite to the truth and in fact harmful to our health!

It is unfortunate that the institutions most people trust, and the people working within those institutions are all blinded by their dogmas they are like lemmings leading each other to their doom. It is massive worldwide human stupidity in all its grandeur… some bits and pieces started out as conspiracies for profit… but the next generations continued believing in the hype and masked greed which was seeded.

I will be writing a series of articles exposing WHY YOU ARE SICK… because everywhere you turn, every choice presented, are all the wrong choices… and you must go beyond that mental box… that mental jail you were put in by the mainstream media and your institutions you trusted and mimicked… to actually find good choices.

For example… the food pyramid. When I was young, in my elementary school days we were taught this food pyramid where you had to eat lots and lots of carbohydrates at the base of the pyramid and very tiny amounts of fats and oils at the top.  What I found out:

  • That food pyramid was not based on any actual healthy research intended to make healthy people, it was meant to pacify food industry pressure at that time.
  • The old food pyramid with lots of carbs is useful for slave manual labor masses who indeed need to consume a good amount of carbohydrates, but is a recipe for obesity and disease in most people.
  • The old food pyramid with the recommended carbohydrates recommend the worst kinds like wheat!  Wheat in any form is harmful.  Wheat is not meant for human food.  All humans are allergic to wheat in varying degrees.  Wheat and its various forms are one of the top constipating junk foods… clogging billions of colons every single day with a paste that sticks to the walls of your colon.
  • And this is just a start of my railing against the food pyramid.

If you go to the grocery / supermarkets, the choices presented to you are meant to make the owners a profit.  The products with the longest shelf life, the preserved, the canned, the bottled, the frozen, the cheapest, the highest profit margin, the most attractive packaging are sold… it’s just the way the market works.  What you need to be healthy is usually NOT in your supermarket! Oh, there are a few items I can still get there… like Anchor unsalted butter… but it is pasteurized, and extra virgin olive oil… and virgin coconut oil but it has to be plain!  Your grocery advertises and sells the worst cooking oils!  All those “vegetable oils” proudly sold as “cholesterol free”… as if animal fat was the worst… when in fact it is the absolute opposite… the consumption of vegetable oils substituting against healthy raw animal fats… is a prime cause of unhealth!

Your regular quack doctor recommends a LOW FAT and HIGH FIBER diet.  This is echoed by your friends.  This is supplied by your supermarkets.  So you buy really lean cuts of intensively farmed “meat” fed with GMO feeds and buy boxed cereals WITH EXTRA FIBER.  And you are forced to source energy from ingesting lots of CARBOHYDRATES because you are avoiding FATS.  Which cause you to have ENOURMOUS FOOD CRAVINGS which become obsessive ADDICTIONS TO JUNK FOOD which supply your body with what it is truly hungering for… FATS… but the junk foods give you the UNHEALTHIEST FATS… which all in the end this makes you a sick, pimply, constipated, FAT, what passes of for a human.

And what about all those Personal Care products?

Your dentists promote flouride for “strong teeth” when in fact flouride is a POISON.  And your water company is fooled into flouridating your water supply, and your toothpaste is always flouridated, and your dentist gives flouride treatment to your children.  MASS POISONING.  Not one iota of this flouride theory is true!  Think about it, if tooth brushing was truly effective and people have been tooth brushing with flouride tooth paste for many decades, then humans should have wiped out tooth decay!  But most everyone you know has and will eventually develop tooth decay!  But evidence from isolated healthy tribes studied by Weston Price who never tooth brushed and never administered flouride to their people can be 97% to 99% tooth decay free for their whole population.

You are shown shampoo commercials every single day.  You shampoo everyday.  Yet people still have dandruff and their hair grays and falls off and they become bald.  And you can’t even pronounce the chemicals they put in your every day shampoo.  And you actually trust these chemicals to be put on your body every single day?  You must be nuts!  I used to be nuts myself!

Same with soap.  Read the chemical list.  Same with cosmetics… read the chemical list.  Same with perfume.  Same with deodorants and anti-perspirants.  Same with after-shave.  Same with sun-block.  Same with lotions.

The simple rule of thumb is… if you cannot eat it… don’t put it on your skin.

Oh, Im just getting started.  We can take potshots at your household chemicals, your place of work, the school your child goes to, the clothes we wear, etc.

It’s a toxic world we have made a mess of to profit from one another.  And the people are suffering.  The salesmen themselves believe in their own lies and consume their own junk.  Most everyone is sick or is expected to get sick.

We must break free from this mental bondage.  We must wake up.  We must be aware.  Danger lurks at every corner.  In the meantime I still have to replace that toxic dish wash detergent our maids use.  None of us are perfect… we need to help each other identify and expose the dangers of 21st century urban living.  More articles to be written on this concept.