Here is a picture of the actual personal care products of a friend in the provinces I visited and slept over in his room.  Let’s run down point by point what we see in this picture.

toxic personal care products

toxic personal care products click to enlarge

1. There is some kind of lotion – petroleum based with all sorts of chemicals… if you cannot eat it, it is toxic, do not put it on your skin.

2. Insecticide – a poison, not only does it poison the animal it targets, but also the people at the same time.  Just because it does not kill you on the spot as it does insects does not mean it is harmful.

3. Isopropyl alcohol – just as Dr. Hulda Clark says, it is absorbed in your skin and taken to collect in the liver where it attracts intestinal fluke worms to migrate to the liver and breed there, and is a prime cause of many cancers.  It is toxic, inedible, do not put it on your skin.

4. Anti-perspirant / deodorant with the usual aluminum zirconium?  TV commercials propagate the inane notion that sweating through human armpits is a bad thing.  Human anatomy 101 please, that is what armpits and the hair in them is for.  Use calamansi instead.  Anti-perspirant is toxic.

5. Hair dye – poison, toxic.  Hair color can be restored by simply eating a breakfast of high vitamin C organic fruit like papaya or guava alternatively every morning plus raw fat to absorb the nutrients.  In 1 month you should see hair color being restored as the hair grows.

6. Talcum powder – what?  To block your pores from breathing?

7. Q-tips – do not use them to clean your ears, it just pushes the dirt inside.  To clean ears, put drops of extra virgin olive oil.  If the ears are already plugged up bad, Quantum Mineral Drops will blast them out.

Take a picture of your personal care products and have fun criticizing them and reading through their ingredients.  If you cannot eat them, they are toxic, do not put them on your skin because they are absorbed just the same.

How much do these contribute to illness?  Quite a lot.  Remember, the less pollution you load up your body, the prettier your body can bloom.