Here is my outline how to combat this much publicized swine flu if it ever comes to our family. My usual disclaimer is that I am my family’s healer and I am responsible for my own family.

Number 1 – absolutely no drugs. Absolutely no vaccines. Absolutely no pharmaceutical medicine. These are the poisons. These are the ones that will do harm.

Number 2 – stop consumption of all cooked food. Suspect the food supply.

Number 3 – stop consumption of plain water. Suspect the water supply. Substitute coconuts, watermelons for hydration. Home distill your own water.

Number 4 – Nutrition is pure water from coconuts, watermelons, fertilized eggs, raw honey. Vegetable juice of kamote leaf tops / “talbos ng kamote”. Everything liquid first. Bring in Ka Rey Herbal from

Number 5 – Colon cleanse, Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for 1 day.

Number 6 – Coffee enema the 2nd day to open up the liver and tone the liver. Take 1 tablespoon of molasses or raw honey before and after the coffee enema.

Fresh air all the time, no airconditioning. Follow your hunger, if the sick is not hungry, don’t feed, just make sure he is well hydrated. If the sick is hungry, give him fatty raw animal food. Maybe best to grind raw fatty beef for ease of digestion. Give raw tuna with only calamansi as condiment if the sick is averse to eating raw beef.

If the above are insufficient and there is indeed some unknown germ, then proceed with zapping. We have 3 different kinds of zappers, use whatever is convenient. If for some reason the zappers fail, we have the machine for emergencies that will obliterate all viruses.

I’m still skeptical about the swine flu reports, but it pays to be well armed with tools and knowledge if any new “flu” has indeed arrived.

There are far deadlier illnesses going around.