I picked up this very basic gem of a concept from the healer Vander Gaditano: Nutrition must be the foundation of all healing. Many sick people are running on empty when they come to you. If you do the manipulations first without addressing nutrition, you may fall flat on your face. Make sure you have established nutrition first, then you can do your manipulations… whether they are herbal, electrical, or whatever new effective technologies there may be.

Some very basic relationships could be seen with liver flushing and liver nutrition. You feed the sick with raw fats, raw protein, raw juices of vegetable and fruits and then you do your liver flush and feed him again. Sometimes the truly sick should not even do forced detoxing, sometimes it is recommended to just feed the properly and let the body detoxify itself at its own pace, this can happen if you feed him a lot of raw fats.

I’ll have to rearrange my cure manual to reflect this priority of NUTRITION. The diet strategies section must be moved up above detoxing.

I learned this point with my own son who I’m trying to cure who is thin and small and has symptoms of primary complex, no zapping, no homeopathy, no herbs were working on him… we had to concentrate on feeding. www.ReyHerbal.com for superior juicing supplements and raw cow’s milk plus raw fertilized eggs, calamansi juice with raw honey, sunlight, and raw beef at times. Now we are seeing very good results. Now we can re-think if we really need to do any manipulation at all in the future.

With Mr. Pepito’s liver cancer, his liver is just too toxic, the liver flushes we tried seem to dump too much toxins in his stomach. Coffee enemas had to be done. And again nutrition, nutrition, nutrition is far far above important. Today no forced detoxing is being done on him. He has found a no pain combination in ReyHerbal.com, fresh orange juice, lots of egg yolks, raw tuna, raw honey, raw goat liver, some white rice… he needs lots of raw beef but is still shy at the moment in eating it.