I was sharing my Dengue Cure Protocol at www.denguecure.com with Mr. Vanderbilt Gaditano so I picked his brain and asked for his Dengue Cure Protocol.

Sir Vander is of the opinion that the Tawa Tawa I specified in my cure protocol may be a common weed, but most people are not familiar with it.  He suggested sweet potato leaves tops / “talbos ng kamote” / kamote tops  instead.  Buy the sprig in the regular market or pick them yourself.  Juice the kamote tops by cleaning and soaking in clean water, then put it in a juicer, to produce some 1 full measured cup.

Dengue victim drink 1 cup of kamote tops juice

Dengue victim do a coffee enema to make sure colon is cleared and liver is cleared.

No solid food yet.  Wait 6 hours.  Test platelet count again.

I would suggest you check out the basics in the website www.denguecure.com, Vander’s protocol replaces the colon cleanser with a coffee enema because this is direct to the point and much faster, no need to wait 5 hours for the colon cleanser to take effect. Vander’s protocol also replaces Tawa Tawa with kamote tops juice which is more familiar to every Filipino out there.  What is not familiar to Filipinos usually is that you juice the kamote tops without heating it.