Some 2 weeks ago I was tapped to help heal a man diagnosed with terminal liver cancer / liver cirrhosis. Sticking to my role as the family healer, hobbyist, I did not have the heart to let a man die when I knew what was needed to be done. Since I’m busy with the business of running my company, I could only advice them by phone and by text the next days that transpired. I just jumpstarted his healing process, he made tremendous strides in elimination of the root cause of pain and discarded all drug use, unclogging what was supposed to be a cirrhotic liver, and the beginning of detoxification of foul, toxic, waste from deep within his liver.

Some documentation of my interaction with the man can be found here, here , here and here

Again, this is a charity case, I do not state any form of compensation.  I don’t want my knowledge to be polluted by greed since all I’m doing is just giving honest coaching advice.  The reward for me is friendship, experience, knowledge, and now a new resource; the location of a master healer who operates his own “sanatorium”.

I had successfully accomplished my promise to Mr. Pepito as I jumpstarted his healing journey until I could find a worthy healer who can look after him on a daily basis 24 hours a day.  This terminal healer’s name is Vanderbilt Gaditano, 57 years old, in Candelaria, Quezon province.

Sir Vander was recommended by Dr. Bien Castro, our local Dorn Master and Energy Healer.  I checked out sir Vander over the phone and in my analysis he was the real deal.  A new healing master for me whose teachings I must explore.

Two days ago I visited sir Vander’s farm and healing refuge in Candelaria, Quezon.  It was an easy 4 hour drive from Manila.  The farm is 33 hectares big, with a hundred heads of mostly female dairy cows, goat herds, some pigs and some chicken and some vegetable and fruit trees… all meant to help heal patients.  Need fresh liver from a strong and healthy animal – slaughter a strong goat, need raw milk for treatment – milk a couple of cows.  Clean starch is provided by neighboring farms that have agreed to supply fresh organic brown rice.  Fruits and vegetables needed from patients come from the farm and neighboring organic farmers who are cooperative enough to grow healthy produce, organic produce for healing the sick.

In the farm, there is a main big house with several sections so the sick can be assigned “quarters”.  A central kitchen is where they prepared food for the sick.  A big table was always loaded with fresh fruits in season and fresh vegetables… these were not rare items, very common market items for us in the Philippines.  You can identify all of them in the picture I took.

It is common for the first few days of a terminally ill person to be given various juiced vegetables and juiced fruits to support impaired digestion and boost nutrition quickly.  When digestion is back online, cooked goat meat in coconut milk plus brown rice is one of the meals available, can be blendered or mashed for those who need it.  It is a cooked, “high everything diet”, high in safe non-allergenic carbohydrates (organic brown rice), good protein (organic goat meat), good fats (coconut milk) with no condiments… tastes great!

Sir Vander taught me that nutrition must come first before any manipulation can be done.  What he means by manipulation is any herbal or other methods.  Nutrition lays the foundation so you can do manipulations on the sick.

Staple treatments I came across in my visit were regular enemas to clear the bowels, coffee enemas to suck out toxins from the liver, direct sunlight treatment at high noon baring everything, liver flushes using epsom salts, parasite cleanses using herbs. Expect more than the usual. Sir Vander’s knowledge is very broad on various disciplines and various methods of diagnostics, plus plenty of years experience with the terminally ill.

Sir Vander was on call, ever present 24 hours a day.  The sick people may cry out in pain early mornings because of organ healing cycles, Mr. Vander was just a call or text away on his cell phone in an adjacent house.  The ever helpful nurses remain in the big house.  The nurses I met were volunteers paying back a debt of gratitude to sir Vander who cured them of their incurable illnesses.

Lucky me I was there to chat with a nice senior woman who was so tearfully joyful to share both her thyroid cancer cure and her husband’s liver cirrhosis cure.  They had been living in the farm for 3 weeks and in the next days were ready to check out.

I had my little boy with me and I asked for Vander’s advice to make my boy healthy.  I appreciated his advice and teachings and this made my trip worth it.

Mr. Vander’s mission in life to heal people in this farm is something I had in mind when I was toying with the idea of what it would be like to choose a path to professionally heal people for a living.  I’m still young, you never know what life has in store for my future.  In the meantime, those who need 24 hour care and feeding to cure their incurable illnesses should check out Mr. Vander’s farm.

In my resources of very good real healers in my country, Mr. Vander is the most experienced, hands on, for terminally ill people, with his own assured healthy livestock and organic produce that can and does pull out the sick from death’s door and back into the world of the healthy.  Other healers may have good ideas, but with Mr. Vander you can live in with him and be attended to 24 hours a day so you do the recommendations correctly.  Operating since 1997, he boasts of no deaths in his care at the farm.

Expect rustic and adequate accommodations, this is no 5-star hotel.  But you get 5 star healing attention.

This 33 hectare farm is “A Place of refuge, wherein the penalty for sins we committed are waived. A Sanctuary for the sick and terminally ill person.”

Vanderbilt Gaditano’s farm address: 1370 Purok 3, Malabanban Sur, Candelaria, Quezon province.  Call Vander at +63-917-742-3294

How to get there: From Manila, drive towards Candelaria, in the direction towards Lucena City.  In Candelaria, when you reach the Chow King restaurant (on your left), you will see a sign on your right side that points to a road to Batangas – San Juan, turn right on that road, and in about 1 kilometer on your right you will see the farm gate as pictured below.

Vander Gaditano Farm Entrance

Vander Gaditano Farm Entrance

One quarter of the main house

One quarter of the main house

Common fruits and vegetables used for healing

Common fruits and vegetables used for healing

milking cows for their raw milk

milking cows for their raw milk

Mr. Vanderbilt Gaditano the healer

Mr. Vanderbuilt Gaditano the healer