This post is about I won’t be pulling any punches here. I can tell you outright that this is NOT a TREATMENT forum. Only cure is acceptable. If you do not believe in CURES and are looking for mere treatments, this forum is not for you. If you think eczema and psoriasis is incurable, then this forum is not for you as well.

I will be very hard on the INCURABLE believers and will not tolerate those who believe their illness is incurable. We have enough of those idiotic no-cure skin forums going around. Only cures are acceptable in this forum.

Welcome to the Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Support Forum. I finally decided to make a cure support forum for all of you.

– so my email won’t be clogged
– so I don’t miss to address a single call for help
– so anti-spam filters won’t block my emails to you
– so everybody else learns from your recovery
– because no eczema and psoriasis CURE forum exists
– because I have had it with GREEDY eczema and psoriasis treatment marketing forums who have no interest in cures

Please register and participate. Be cured as fast as possible.

Why I know eczema and psoriasis is curable is because I have cured myself, my son, my daughter and my brother and a whole bunch of people on the internet have cured their eczemas and psoriasis too. It is time the madness of incurables stopped. ECZEMA and PSORIASIS CURES right here, right now.

There is a new link at the top right menu of You can also directly visit the forum at