This is the second time I’m passing on Mr. Pepito to a professional healer. Mr. Pepito was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and liver cirrhosis. My wife’s cousin got me into this. I couldn’t resist helping the man since I knew what to do. Altough I couldn’t be with him everyday, coaching him and his wife over the phone was enough.

Initially Mr. Pepito’s liver was truly cirrhotic. We broke it open with apple juice and raw eggs. Very easy. Then used coffee enemas to suck out the toxins from the liver. Then did a liver flush, which was too powerful in his condition, but was indeed effective.

We found a professional healer, Mr. Vander Gaditano and though expensive to stay in his healing farm, they stayed for a couple of days and learned juicing, more effective enemas, sunlight therapy and more liver flushing, raw goat livers and more.

I think they ran out of money and with still pain in his stomach, they went home. So I was again back in the coaching seat.

Mr. Pepito’s wife catches on very fast. I suggested orange juice fast type drinking with 10 raw egg yolks per day, which Mr. Pepito’s wife upped to 20 egg yolks a day. Man, his liver kept automatically flushing itself. They stopped enemas altogether. Included in his daily protocol was Ka Rey Herrera’s Herbal, raw goat / cow liver, raw tuna / raw beef. His pain stopped when his wife stopped giving him food at dinner. They slowed down the egg yolks to 5 egg yolks in the morning and more raw beef.

Mr. Pepito had less pain but now he was getting weak. The solution was to add salt to his diet. And more protein from beef. Yes indeed he became stronger. Then his kidneys started aching. Must be the liver flushing. Suggested avocado leaves tea to cleanse the kidneys.

At last the long awaited appointment with Dr. Jaime Dy Liacco came and he was finally seen… after we’ve done the heavy loads, I’m pretty sure Dr. Dy Liacco can finish this cure. First of all, Dr. Dy Liacco said that his secretary will always prioritize terminal cancer cases… Ohhh, now he tells them… good thing Pepito was well taken cared off.

Dr. Dy Liacco used his muscle testing technique. Said the terminal liver cancer and cirrhosis is no more. The current problem is kidney and prostate. Dr. Dy Liacco initially suggested his popular pigs’ pancreas and more raw beef liver instead of goat liver. Said Mr. Pepito was dehydrated so he needed more water, specifically Hidden Springs Mineral water plus rock salt all the time. 100% raw food diet for 6 months. After that he should bounce back to health.

I honestly think he will.

I’m glad they are now under Dr. Dy Liacco, less worries for me. I told Mr. Pepito’s wife to follow what the good doctor advices them. Tomorrow I will be off on a much needed vacation for myself.

Can I safely say this is mission accomplished? Let’s wait and see.