Today I documented my diet and habits for the benefit of Psoriasis Help Organization in the UK.  I began a thread in their forum to teach those who are interested how to cure their psoriasis.  It was funny, the “no cure” gatekeepers swarmed in my thread and preached their “no cure” mantra that they so hated those who mentioned the word “cure”.  Bizarre people, and I thought their mission was to HELP people with psoriasis.

So here was how my day today happened:

The normal human life should be free from disease.

It is when people adopt ABNORMAL / Unnatural habits that people become diseased.

The problem is 21st century civilization’s expectation and pressure for you to become “normal” is to buy their toxic products.

Let me give you an example of my day TODAY:

– I wake up in the morning before 6am. Nice sleep.
– I get a teaspoon of plain virgin coconut oil and do oil pulling for 20 minutes.
– This is my non-toxic substitute for toothbrushing. I do not injure my gums with plastic bristles and I do not pollute my oral cavity with TOOTHPASTE – read the ingredients, a mess of chemicals with poison FLOURIDE usually. And most people poison themselves with flouride toothpaste 2x a day.

– Breakfast time with my kids.
– Native / organic / high vitamin C GUAVAS
– 1 RAW fertilized organic DUCK EGG (good fats)

– a few minutes later – daily POOP REFLEX – effortless
– Drink a cool tall glass of FRESHLY OPENED RAW Coconut juice with coconut meat (good fats)

– I take a shower – NO SHAMPOO – NO SOAP
– I dress up – clothes washed with ORGANIC WASH SOAP
– I use NO DEODORANT – I merely dab some calamansi juice under my armpits (something like lemons)
– My driver picks me up, I go to work, my office is 500 meters from my house.

– Lunch time. I call my cook to prepare my food. I go home.
– I eat 1/4 kilo of fresh RAW TUNA SASHIMI – ocean fish, wild fish
– I also eat 1/4 kilo of fresh RAW FATTY BEEF HEART – organic, pasture fed
– Wow, that made me full.
– Wait a few minutes and I drink some fresh RAW COCONUT JUICE.

– I go back to the office. Work some more, drive around for errands, pay wages, buy a new computer chair.

– I get thirsty, I go home for a snack and I cut 2 slices of fresh RAW organic WATERMELON.
– I POOP AGAIN effortlessly.

– I do computer work at home.
– I’m back at the office and finalize a new website for launch. New bike magazine website.
– I’m having a relaxing conversation with you via this forum.

– This evening I will go home and not eat dinner. I’m still full.
– I will probably eat some more RAW watermelon, refreshing. Yummy.

– Then I’m off to bed before 10pm.
– I do not watch TV. I do not own a TV.

Zero chemicals.
All organic.
All Raw Paleolithic / Caveman diet.
Done effortlessly.
Not a cold, not a cough, not a hint of fever in this lifestyle.

Of course it took me a long time to establish a clean lifestyle, to unlearn what the greedy marketers of “normal 21st century living” brainwash people with in the Mass Media.

There are a couple hundred people who live the same lifestyle I do with their own variations. And they are robust healthy.

In fact my Raw Paleo Diet teacher is BRITISH: Geoff Purcell – he lives in London.

Geoff and I and a couple of hundred people get together for socials on the internet.

This lifestyle is called the Raw Paleolithic Diet and Lifestyle. Join us at