A friend’s 5 year old son recently figured in a horrible accident which may have maimed his arm. Of course in trauma cases like these, western medical doctors and hospitals get first crack at the patient. Here I am recording 2 additional ways to push, nudge, help the injured completely recover and the speed up the process. BF&C herbal formula and consumption of Raw Animal Food.

The eating of raw animal food and it’s specific areas of restoration is well documented by Aajonus Vonderplanitz in his book We Want to Live the Primal Diet when he helped his son recover from a terrible car accident. He had to smuggle raw animal food in the hospital in the USA. Something very easy to do here in the Philippines because hospitals here in general give crappy food and allow the relatives to feed the patients with food they bring all their own.

My teacher Barefoot Herbalist MH was taught how to make BF & C herbals. Take the Bone, Flesh and Cartilage herbs invented by Dr. Christopher, you can buy it from http://www.BarefootHerbalistMH.com (my teacher) with support forum at http://www.curezone.com/forums/f.asp?f=626

What is BF&C?

No herbal formula has such a long history of Christopher’s BF&C formula. A formula known to grow back fingers, knee caps, bones, flesh and tissues. Old bones broken 10 years earlier were known to dissolve as new bones replaced them. Burned flesh to the bone completely restored, even the Great Dr. Richard Shulze used this formula to restore his burnt fingers, etc., etc.

Bone, Flesh & Cartilage
Dr. Christopher’s Newsletter 1-8
by Dr. John R. Christopher

We have talked and written extensively, over the years, about what to do for the organs of the human body. It has been gratifying to have found specific herbal foods and aids for the liver, pancreas, heart, bowels, kidneys, etc.

We see maimed, crippled, burn-scarred people–who could surely have found a “better way to go” than that which was used on them, in many cases.

As a good example I would like to cite the case of two boys, about ten years of age, who were playing with gasoline and matches. Both of the boys’ hands, up to the wrists, received third degree burns. The boys were taken immediately to the hospital where the surgeon pronounced, for both boys, “incurable third degree burns”! He told both sets of parents there was a choice in each case–either removing the hands at the wrist and attaching iron claws both right and left, or, with numerous operations and skin grafts, over a period of about one year in the hospital, the boys could keep their hands, but they would be just like mummified claws and could not be used as hands, but, in a claw-like manner, they would be able to pick up materials but the fingers would not move as would the ones on the metal hand. One set of the parents told the doctor to keep their boy there and, even though it would be a year and the cost very high, to go ahead and work on him as soon as possible. The other couple told the doctor they wanted to see another person first about their boy’s condition and then they might come back.

As they had heard of our work, they brought their boy to the building when I was lecturing, to show me the boy’s burned hands. The nails, much of the flesh, tendons, etc., had been so badly burned it made one shudder to look at it. The temporary preliminary bandages were put back on while answering their request as to what could be done instead of cutting off the hands or surgery and skin grafting. I gave them a formula to use that is based on comfrey. This is a paste made up of comfrey, wheat germ oil and honey. The paste was to be spread, 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick, over the entire burn area. They were instructed to watch the paste and if it had, in any areas, been absorbed into the flesh to add additional paste in these areas, not disturbing the condition below.

Within the week they returned to the hospital and the same doctor they had seen before examined the boy. He was amazed and told them that where the burns had been third degree burns in these past few days, they were now first degree burns. He asked them what in the world they had used, and they told him it was an old-fashioned remedy. The doctor then told them to continue using it and, further, there now would be no need for any surgery or skin grafting, because it looked as though the hands would heal perfectly with this procedure without any scar tissue. In a few weeks time the boy’s hands were completely healed. Later the nails had grown back on, the tendons, nerves, muscles, flesh and skin were all renewed, and the hands were as perfect as they were before the burns.

The other boy was still at the hospital nearly a year later, with continual surgery and skin grafting. The cost was, we understand, well over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. When he was sent home his hands were two ugly “mummified-type” unbending claws, so sad-looking he wore gloves to hide them from view.

The parents that used the herbs spent approximately ten or twelve dollars for the first materials to apply (honey, wheat germ oil and comfrey) and only small amounts at times to replace the paste that was used.

The paste can be used for cuts, abrasions, burns, bruises, sprains, and an external aid to spread the healing up of broken bones.

If kept in a wide-mouth closed jar the paste will keep in a ready-to-use condition for many months. This is one of the fine emergency first aid helps you can have on hand. It is good to have some in your cars and in various places in the home or where you work, in case of an accident.

One day a lady came into my office in a frantic state of near hysteria. She told me that her fourteen-year-old daughter was at home and some neighbor ladies were with her, to keep her from doing harm to herself. That morning the mother had stopped her daughter from committing suicide. The girl, for several years, had a severe dermatitis that had baffled the family physician, dermatologists and allergy specialists. The skin problem was from the knees down to her feet, the arms from elbows down over the hands, and her neck and face were also covered with this dermatitis condition. The dermatologists said it was different from pityriasis, psoriasis, eczema, etc., and had no name for this thick, heavy scaling from which the girl was suffering. This young girl had become a recluse, refusing to go to school, church, parties, etc., and because of this terrible condition which was called “incurable” she was eating herself into an extremely oversized individual. The despair she was suffering was pushing her into a suicidal frame of mind.

I had never had such a case presented to me before and my “back was up against the wall.” This was an emergency and I did not have the time to sit in a laboratory and figure out a combination to try on her. I offered a quick silent prayer for help and a formula came immediately to my mind. As it came I had the lady and her companion write it down. I told them to go to an herb shop or health food store and get the various herbs, mix them, and make a fomentation. She was to foment the legs, arms, neck and face areas, and also to have the daughter drink some of the tea. I felt confident enough to promise good results!

It was on a Tuesday morning that the mother had come to see me. On Friday the report came back that the scabs and scales had left the afflicted areas and the girl’s skin had a good “healing glow” to it. The next message I received was six months later. The girl was now a choir leader at the school she had returned to, and she was again busy in church and social activities.

This particular group of herbs is one we called “bone, flesh and cartilage” formula. We found it would do many things besides skin problems.

A lady, who is connected with the publishing company that does some of our printing of books, had an experience that shows how well this particular formula works! One time, while traveling to the west coast on a lecture assignment she was in an accident with their family car and a large portion of one of her knee caps was torn off. This left a deformed knee and a lack of free action with the knee joint. One day, while eating at our Mother Nature’s restaurant at the Orem Mall, she saw me and came over to my table where I was eating. She asked me if I saw any difference in her two knees. I could not tell which had been the badly deformed knee from the other, they were both perfect and healthy looking. I knew, of course, that she had used the bone, flesh, and cartilage herb tea as a fomentation over the injured knee area six days a week, week after week, and the knee cap grew back–as unbelievable as this may seem to others. We do recommend the drinking of some of the tea several times daily as well as the external use.

We have had many interesting cases with the use of this formula and how it has helped various serious conditions and many people.

Various times, while reading the iris of the eye, I have spotted impingement of the spine in the lumbar, thoracic, and sometimes troubles in the tail-bone area. Upon seeing the “area of malfunction” I would cite the problem at hand, as with the lumbar vertebrae being “out” the individual would be suffering severe backaches and ofttimes bowel and reproduction organ problems and, sure enough, the patient would exclaim, “That’s true!” When there was the bent, broken or dislocated tail-bone, there would often be problems in the arms or legs, etc.

It has been our recommendation to put the fomentation of this particular formula over the malfunction area upon retiring at night and leave on all night, taking it off the following morning. This procedure is to be done six nights a week, week after week, until the spine stays in place “of its own free will and choice.” The reason is that this herbal remedy is a food and feeds the cushion that is ofttimes ruptured or worn away, and also with its powerful cell-proliferating feeds the area to rebuild itself, according to the plans and specifications the good Lord has left as a pattern for repair. The same thing happens with the muscles, nerves, chipped and damaged bone, and the flesh and skin on the damaged area.

We have seen a number of cases over our years with the use of this great food package, curvature of the spine being straightened, even in some of the most severe (incurable!!!?) cases.

This group of herbs has in it various herbs that have, each of them, their own job to do, as follows:

Gravel root. This herb is a natural solvent for inorganic minerals such as calcium and other unwanted inorganic accepted but not assimilable substances. Dead inorganic calcium is accepted into the body but cannot be assimilated. No mineral can be assimilated into the human body unless it has gone through the process of osmosis through plant life (herbs). When an inorganic mineral is accepted into the body it is accumulative and continues to build up. This build-up can cause arthritis, rheumatism, kidney stones, gall stones, hardening of the arteries, cataracts, etc. This “building up” process must be reversed, so here we have an herb such as gravel root that will act as a solvent that will leach off dead inorganic calcium and other minerals in the same state. However, it will not have any influence on live organic minerals that can be assimilated directly into cell structure through the “delivery-system” of the blood stream. A true solvent, such as solvent herbs or steam distilled water acts as a magnet. The magnet will pick up dead inorganic iron and other metals but will not pick up wood, paper or higher vibrating materials. The solvent herbs or distilled water will pick up and leach off dead inorganic minerals, but will not vibrate to live organic minerals that have gone through plant life and can be assimilated into the body’s cell structure. Dead, inorganic calcium is the type of material we want to get rid of, because this type of calcium can do us only harm. Some people panic–“What can I do to replace the calcium being leached out?” If you replace what you have just leached out it would be like cleaning out a garbage pail, and then replacing it with more of the same! Instead of doing this, let’s replace the dead calcium by putting in a good organic usable calcium. To do this we have included into this formula oak bark, an astringent which is also high in live, assimilable calcium. Oak bark not only supplies good calcium but acts as an astringent that firms up the system while feeding the cells.

We include marshmallow herb which is extremely high in “live” assimilable protein for muscle rebuilding, and yet has another advantage–rather unique in a single herb. This plant, marshmallow, has the ability of being anti-gangrenous. We have used marshmallow a number of times to save patients from amputation of an arm or leg because of gangrene condition. This “blessing from heaven”–marshmallow-has cleared up the condition and saved many from losing parts of their body.

Mullein herb is included in the healing group of herbs because it is a special food for the glandular system. Unless the glands of the body are working properly, a healing cannot be complete. We have used three parts of mullein and one part of lobelia in many severe cases of gland malfunction. This is also a great aid for thyroid, swollen glands in various other parts of the body, mastitis when the breast is swollen way out of proportion. We have cleared this condition with this mullein-lobelia combination overnight. We use it externally as fomentation and also orally in tea, tablets or capsules. It has been used for injured testicles, swollen ovaries, etc., etc., with amazing success.

We include lobelia, the herb of many uses. It is antispasmodic–a catalyst for having the power to unite the other herbs in working efficiently and does so quickly! This herb is a nervine, and an anti-infection herb as well. Wormwood is an herb that relieves the body of pain in various areas but its other job is to destroy and remove parasites and worms from the body, as the balance of the herbal composition causes such a healthy condition of the cell structures that these scavengers (garbage men) are not required any more and are escorted out of the system with the wormwood.
Scullcap is an herb of nervine type that aids the spinal cord to be healthy and in a condition to deliver the messages from the motor-nerves to the whole body. Without efficient nerve response the body parts–glands, muscles, etc., cannot do their job.

Black walnut bark, or leaves is an herbal aid, not too well known. It has many values, but one of the main ones we use it is for its power to overcome fungus in the body. Walnut is high in potassium, calcium, iron, and many other much needed foods that are required for rebuilding worn-out organs in the body.

The final herbal aid we include in this great rebuilding fomentation is comfrey. This herb is a very efficient cell-proliferant. It is a food that makes the good cells grow rapidly, making such a healthy condition in the area that the weak and dead cells are evicted and replaced with new highly vibrating life. Comfrey is high in calcium, stops hemorrhaging, and is in the neighborhood of “twenty percent protein.” This is a live whole (unprocessed) protein that can be readily assimilated into the cell structure for fast healing.

Before starting on a severe case or a mild problem, we have always advised our patient to go to the initial cause of the problem and start with the basic routine of healing. Clean out the bowels with the lower bowel tonic (see Newsletter #1 and use the mucusless diet as explained in our small book Dr. Christopher’s Three-Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet (Christopher Publications, P.O. Box 412, Springville, Utah 84663). Use this advice along with the herbal formula and faster results will be evident.

Just to give you some examples of results using this formula, and thinking positively, here are a couple of our cases:

A young man came to us with advanced curvature of the spine. He had been told that the case was so bad his back would have to be broken in several places to fuse it, but with no guarantee as to results. He tried our program and in shortly over six months he had a back that was straight and perfect. He had regained the three inches he had lost with the curvature and was now 6’6″ as before the curvature. He could now go back to yoga and sports which he enjoyed.

In Mesa, Arizona, a young man in his middle twenties was brought into our lecture hall in a wheel chair. He was badly crippled with a combination of polio and arthritis. He was lifted out of his chair and placed on a pile of pillows. I would glance over at times and could see the severe pain he was suffering.

During the lecture we discussed the program we have just outlined. After the lecture he said he would like to try it. A practical nurse from another town offered to take him to her home and help him get well.

They followed the routine accurately and one year later we saw him again. Just before the lecture started, in the same hall as the year before, a young man walked down the aisle to the front of the hall and asked to speak. We granted him the permission. In his short talk he advised the people to listen to the lectures and put them to use. He told how he had listened one year before as he sat on the pillows in the hall and had the desire to start on this natural program. Prior to this night he had been told he would never be out of the wheelchair, unless it was to be in a hospital bed, the rest of his days.

With the help of the kindly nurse he was now able to walk so well that he was traveling on foot, house to house, selling, to try and pay off his large hospital and doctor bills. As he walked back to his seat he had tears of gratitude in his eyes.

There are many outstanding cases but these two can give you a picture of what can be done with good, wholistic program. Use it carefully and accurately for complete, long-lasting health.

The good Lord has given us the herbs of the field for food and for medicine. If we will follow His advice and use the herbs “with prudence and skill” and use them in their “wholesome” state, as He has given them to us; using them without processing and discarding some of the great values the whole herb has and throwing out some of the herbal parts that act as catalysts and protection against an ingredient in the whole, that isolated could do harm, but harmless in the whole herb. An example of this is quinine. Alone, in too large an amount, it can cause deafness, or in even larger doses can cause death. The quinine in the original Peruvian bark, from which it was isolated, is harmless when used in a tea made from the bark itself. It is the same quinine isolated that is a killer, but, as the scriptures say, “in its wholesome state” does nothing but good.

The sooner we, the human race, can return to the use of the whole herb, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds as was given us by our Creator, to be used the right way, the better. Man with his “great intellectual mind(?)” who tears apart and processes the “perfect” to suit his taste bud, and the product’s shelf-life, is like “painting the lily”!