Dr. Henry Bieler of the book Food is Your Best Medicine fame, 1965, has 2 chapters devoted to proteins: Proteins are Body Builders and Proteins can be Body Killers. This is what he had to say on page 184:

“Finally, let me emphasize the importance of supplying the right kind and amount of protein, especially for the growing child. True, proteins are body builders, but only the right kind of proteins which the human liver can handle will build the right kind of bodies. Remember that we still have the cave man’s liver and must select and use our proteins with discrimination. Because the sheep still lives a natural life in hill and mountain pastures, its meat is the most valuable meat for human consumption. But it must be eaten rare. Beef is next best. Fish, fowl and sea foods, unless eaten raw, are usually overcooked, therefore likely to putrefy in the intestines. The same applies to pork (although I never prescribe it), glandular organs, tripe and brains. Eggs are valuable for the yolk, which is best eaten raw or lightly cooked; the egg white should never be cooked.”

Translating this to Philippine settings, goats are never fed feeds. Beef are traditionally allowed to roam free, it is the brand name beefs that you should be wary about as they continue to adopt foreign multinational practices via their consultants for higher profit. Deep yellow fat in beef is an indication of health and grazing quality of the food the beef is fed. I personally favor beef over goats as beef is FATTY, goats are too lean. In fact when I prepare raw goat meat, I add some raw beef fat.

Raw fat consumption is very important when consuming raw animal food. Sheep and beef are fatty animals. For you fellow Filipinos still adjusting to a diet of raw land animal meat, the raw fat is your “rice”. Remember when you eat cooked meat with rice, you use rice as a buffer to the cooked protein? Raw fat is used as a buffer to raw protein. My children instinctively know how much raw fat tastes good with what amount of raw protein.

Switching to raw land animal eating is easy. This is what I did:

  • Seared the beef 30 seconds per side.
  • Next times seared for 20 seconds.
  • Next times seared for 10 seconds.
  • Next times seared for 5 seconds.
  • Next time the children said, who cares, eat it raw.

Freshly killed raw beef is delicious and premium and must be eaten raw. Yummy.

How to eat raw beef:

  • Cut in swallowable pieces. Sashimi style.
  • Chew some 10 or more times, just to taste it enough and squeeze it small enough.
  • Swallow. Pop in the next piece.

You are not supposed to liquify meat in your mouth like you do with eating cooked rice or cooked vegetables. Raw meat is more easily digestible than cooked meat. It is gone in 1 hour.

Raw meat must be eaten on an empty stomach when ravenously hungry. Raw meat eaters do not go grazing all day.

If you are sick, no amount of detoxing will cure you if you keep eating cooked animal food and cooked fat. All those studies saying meat consumption causes cancer? What they fail to mention is they ASSUME in their study that the people consume their meats COOKED. So their studies show COOKED MEAT causing diseases. RAW MEAT, RAW FAT is a totally different kind of food… it is the super food humans should be consuming to be cured of illnesses, to be radiantly healthy.

Instead of switching to raw animal food as a last resort to curing illnesses, I encourage you to switch to eating raw animal foods as first resort!

“Many people eat a great deal of (cooked) meat and cheese and apparently remain in good health, but sooner or later nature exacts its price.”

As of this writing I have been on raw paleolithic diet for 1.5 years, which includes raw animal food raw muscles, raw fat and raw organs. I am lucky to have gotten sick in the past (2005) to learn these truths which I now pass on to you so you don’t have to be sick yourselves or can recover from illnesses rather quickly and gain outstanding health.

I am turning 40 this year and I can say that because of the detoxes I initially did plus the switch the original human diet, a raw paleolithic diet of raw fruit – some raw vegetables and lots of raw fatty meat, this is the healthiest state I have ever been in my entire life.