I visited Tacloban City a few weeks ago.  I met my Aunt’s driver Joel.  He was a man in his mid 40s, raising 4 kids and he had lower back pain that was bothering him.  The way he described it it sounded like kidney pain.  I asked him if he wanted a cure for his kidney pain and I taught him how to do it.

I taught Joel that kidney pain is a result of eating too much cooked proteins, especially cooked seeds like monggo beans and any cooked beans, and cooked animal foods.

The first phase was to have a raw 1 week.  For many people, being raw for 1 week is unimaginable.  So I taught him to imagine a raw high fat week with coconut meat, coconut juice, raw fish “kinilaw” / eaten raw with organic vinegar, raw chicken eggs, very easy to do for most Filipinos.

Then I taught Joel the detox trick  kidney cleansing with avocado leaves tea.  See https://www.curemanual.com/detox-protocols/kidney-cleanse/avocado-leaves-tea

After a week, the man called and said all his kidney pain was gone.  Thanks.

Now that case was super easy.