eczema-free-foreverI posted a call for book reviews and the Eczema Free Forever staff in charge were very quick. They immediately sent me a complimentary copy of their new ebook Eczema Free Forever for me to review. Finished reading it this morning. It brightened my morning since I learned something new and it’s not on my website. I also smiled when I saw my own face in the book. They got one of my pictures posted there on page 18.

What’s in the book? Definitions, types of eczema, eczema and food, eczema cure, additional cure tips, supplements.

Very useful for newbies. Why food has to be raw and unprocessed, This book was written with the newbies in mind and it does a good job.

I remember buying all the eczema ebooks I could get my hands on when I was sick, some of them are worthless, so I will not bother to review them nor post a sponsored ad for them in my website.

The concepts laid out on this book are truthful and it is one approach that may be effective.

I usually save and print out books for future reading so family members can also read them. Health books work for all diseases, not just one. When the body heals, it heals… everything.

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