This article is taken straight from a message by JMRN in JMRN is so excited about this seemingly very simple idea and product that gives you effective prostate massage anytime you need it. Prostate health is so very important. I have seen the tragic consequences of living with enlarged prostate when I visited my uncle in the provinces. It is not something I wish to happen to myself, my friends or other family members. Of course other healers have mentioned the practical notion of use it or lose it. Prostate problems arise from non-use of this reproductive organ and from too much use or abuse.  The product JMRN is talking about are prostate massagers.

Barefoot Herbalist MH gives the advice to take pure distilled water infused with a citrus or in my case take coconut juice. Do not take mineral water or coffee or artificial drinks as the inorganic minerals there abuse your kidneys and your prostate and deposit inorganic minerals there.

Let’s read what JMRN has to say about prostate health:

“Dear Men and Women, In my medical research sometimes I come across a simple medical invention that is actually worth its weight in gold. I will tell you the name farther down the page but first I would like to say this. Some of you men may well know all this, Owen has spoken of this, but some of you may not and this is for you men and your spouses. By the way I am a male and highly recommend this device if you have a painful prostate and are unable to urinate freely! Prostate massage has long been used as a means of maintaining prostate health and to promote increased sexual health. In the Orient, prostate massage has been included in traditional medicine for centuries. In recent years, many medical articles have been published which advocate prostatic massage as a treatment for *chronic prostatitis*, *infertility*, and *benign prostate hypertrophy*(BPH). Historically, prostate massage has been used as apart of Oriental and Ayurvedic holistic health practice. Prostate massage is once again becoming more widely recommended as western researchers discover that prostate massage complements and increases the effectiveness of herbal remedies by increasing *circulation* to the prostate. Remember The Continuum Force states: elimation – circulation – assimilation!

Many find that prostate massage itself is successful where other remedies have failed. Now for a swollen or healthy prostate should you for any reason object to masturbation, having your prostate massaged periodically is an option that works! This procedure is normally used when your prostate is stroked during a digital exam or urologist office visit. The objective of massage is to free the gland of congested siminal fluid which can build up and cause blockage of the gland and may lead to prostate problems such as *prostatitis*, *cancer*, and other problems including *sexual dysfunction*, *inability to maintain and erection*, (impotence) and the inability to produce *viable sperm*!

If your spouse is having trouble getting pregnant you might be a candidate for regular prostate massage instead of her electing to undergo fertility drugs. This is all practical information I think men should know so that they can make a logical decisions based on practical advise. Sorry to say you will not get this practical information from a orthodox physician. That is why I am telling you now on this wonderful site. I hope even if your not interested in this information that you will pass it on to other men and let them make their own decision. You would be doing mankind a favor if you did.

Now how often you should have your prostate massaged depends on your individual condition. Once you use the devise I am going to tell you about, your body and your prostate will tell you when you need massage. Now I know I am going to get some frowns from some of the women but in traditional Japanese families, wives often perform prostate massage to promote their spouses health. In general, Asian men tend to have lower rates of prostate enlargement and cancer than their American counterparts. Japanese *women* tend to have a lower incident rates of fibrocystic breast and ovary disease due to their increased *Iodine* intake over their American counterparts. Now men, *acupressure* is an ancient Chinese healing art that uses pressure points, not needles, to massage key points on the surface of the skin. Acupressure stimulates the body’s immune system to self heal, in addition to causing relief of muscular tension and the release of endorphins- the body’s own neurochemicals that relieve pain.

Now your probable saying what has all that got to do with prostate health? Well, now I am going to tell you how to have a healthy prostate and it is something you can do in the privacy of your own home. Now I know how men are when It comes to your private parts but please just hear me out on this one. This device I am talking about is called a Pro-State Prostate Massager! It is the only safe Dr. recommended self applied *hands free* prostate massager on the market that really works to apply acupressure to the prostate and relieve congestion.

The Pro- State massagers are specifically designed for effectiveness and ease of insertion. Once inserted in the rectum, the anal sphincter naturally pushes the pro-state up toward the prostate gland and the external arm of the pro-state pushes up against the perineum. Contraction and relaxation of the anal sphincter pivots the pro-state massager up and down providing a hands free massage of the entire prostate. Prostate drainage is accomplished through the mechanical pressure of the pro-state massager, as well as from the induced ejaculation.

The pro-state massagers are the only prostate massagers that provide acupressure therapy on the specific prostate perineum point. The simultaneously perineum pressure combined with the prostate acupressure provides a safe self induced prostate massage. No need to visit Urologist office and long waits in waiting room just to get a prostate massage. You can do it yourself with a little practice or help from a spouse or girlfriend. Its use is easy and safe. I recommend using the pro-state right after you have a bowel movement. Lay on your bed and relax while your pro-state massages your prostate. Use it while having sex for a stronger erection and more forceful ejaculation. Experiment! You will find what is right for you. It comes in 3 types but I recommend buying the newest type. Their all about the same. Instructions on use comes with product. Sorry to be so long winded. Go visit High Island Health dot com for testimonials and more info.” — Click Here