I have a proven, dependable recipe for raw beef liver your children will love. I know my children love this recipe so here it is for your archives.

Buy: I go to Farmers Market in EDSA, Cubao, Quezon City where they sell authentic grass fed Batangas beef. Choose the reddest, brightest, youngest looking beef liver. Beef liver is very big, larger than a human body trunk, you might mistakenly buy pig liver which is not organic and intensively fed GMO feeds. Order some 1/2 kilo of raw beef liver. This morning it was 130 pesos per kilo.

Prepare at home: Slice into sashimi cuts. Marinate in some fresh raw calamansi, some sea salt and some pepper – this is where your art and personal taste comes in. Let it sit for at least 1 hour.

Feeding: I use chopsticks so eating it looks fun. I feed only some 1 tablespoon per meal to each child as their multi-vitamins. They love it, it tastes really good. My daughter this evening even exclaimed that she does not like cooked liver because cooked liver tastes terrible!

Keep it in the refrigerator. I found out it tastes good everyday even up to a week in the refrigerator. Just keep it open, let it breath.

Grass fed, raw beef liver is one of the best super foods you can ever lay your hands on. It is one of the components to cure tooth decay, it is a mainstay multi-vitamin and the favorite of carnivorous animals, and is much needed by cancer stricken patients as part of their cure protocol.