Being the family healer is a big responsibility. I have to come up with effective and lasting solutions for people’s health problems. Diabetes type 2 is something easily overcome with the correct mindset, the correct attitude, correct lifestyle change; and this is precisely the problem with diabetics, they have this closed mindset that they will be forever taking an escalating amount of drugs, continue eating the standard american diet and commercialized lifestyle, progressively get sicker as they age… simply because they have been branded as a diabetic and expect to be diabetic all their life.

Death to Diabetes takes you full circle, DeWayne McCulley covers just about every topic you will need to know about regarding your diabetes journey and recovery. His advice is sound, and his super meals are key to getting your diabetes under control.

This book is empowering, very thorough and well-written. This book is the one every diabetic should read.

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