I can tell you if you are really cancer cured or merely on a remission. Let’s have lunch, let me visit your home and let me see your lifestyle. It is so darn obvious who gets cured for the rest of his life or not. It is your habits, your eating habits, your lifestyle habits that need to be cured / corrected. If you continue eating non-human cooked food / polluted food and continue living a toxic lifestyle… then you are not cured. The cure begins with how you think and if this thinking is translated to everyday habits.

Hanging out in the cancercured@yahoogroups.com mailing list has its benefits. You get an excited rush when you see and hear the wise words of fellows who actually know how to cure cancer and can best express this eloquently. Perception is important, and how to come across to the sick audience is very important. Something I think I need to work on, and thankfully, Mr. Carmi Hazen aka “Comdyne” is one of the great guys that keeps the mailing list worthwhile reading.

I have permission from Carmi to directly quote his words regarding his thoughts on real cancer cures and mere cancer remission.

One must be careful in their thinking about the concept of remission. What this means is that, for the moment, cancer is undetectable. Of course this is a good thing but it must not be considered to be a cure. Conventional therapy is only palliative meaning that the symptoms of a disease are addressed by treatments that do not get at the root cause of a condition but rather addresses the effects.

I am suspect of specialized cancer treatment centers that claim to use both conventional and alternative treatments because each approach are in opposition to each other. Allopathy offers a destructive means of what is essentially chemical warfare. Its casualties include the immune system which, after chemo therapy, is severely weakened. While cancer cells are vulnerable to this method of treatment, ultimately the immune system often suffers permanent damage and when the cancer returns, as it almost always does, the immune system cannot support additional rounds of chemo nearly as well as it did the first time and thus the heroic efforts of allopathic medicine do not respond as well to additional treatment.

The cure for cancer has been known for over 100 years now. Several doctors from that time period all utilized a medical approach to the condition by recognizing that what was believed to be some mysterious infection just didn’t act like other infectious diseases. They focused upon the metabolic aspect and by the correction of nutritional deficiencies, the restoration of thyroid function, and the constant cleansing of the digestive tract, the disease called cancer disappeared from the body never to return. By making lifestyle changes, the body corrected itself.

Take advantage of the lull in the storm. Recognize that you still have cancer and take the opportunity to strengthen your immune system and correct the conditions that led up to the disease and you will very likely not see its return. The cure is simple and anyone can do it. No doctor has ever cured cancer, only your own body can do that. Recognize that disease of any kind comes from within. It is the condition of the milieu that determines whether or not a germ will grow. To quote Claude Bernard (1813-1878) “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

Cancer is a disease of civilization. It is the body’s response to toxins that fail to leave via the normal elimination channels. Systemic toxicity reduces the absorption of minerals and oxygen and thus the vitality of the blood becomes impaired. Combined with often a local site of tissue damage whereby the flow of lymphatic fluid fails to keep up with tissue necrosis from some form of an injury or irritation, the body responds by constructing a tumor as an advanced form of protection. The tumor walls off the infection thus preventing its spread. Under ideal circumstances the internal environment within the tumor containment vessel sets up a state of anaerobisis whereby Progenitor cryptocides, a pleomorphic entity, devourers the dead and dying tissue leaving behind inert dirt so-to-speak, that is resorbed back into circulation and burned as fuel. It is only when the condition of the circulating fluids are so contaminated that the healing process of tumor construction and deconstruction becomes compromised and the disease of cancer manifests itself.

In every case of cancer, a microbe is present. It is the presence or absence of this microbe that makes the difference between benign and malignant, but it is a grave mistake to believe that cancer is an infectious disease that we obtain through no fault of our own and that our body has been invaded by some alien microbe. This is not the case. Cancer is a response to poor living. The microbe associated with cancer arrives from the body humors as a scavenger. It developed from within via a mechanism that the Creator designed to return us to the soil from which we came. The morphology of this microbe is such that it is transformed from harmless stages to become an aggressive agent upon dead tissue, devouring it and leaving behind an inert ash. The poor condition of the blood and lymph is responsible for its formation and thus the true cure resides in cleaning up the trash that is constantly circulating in these body humors.

The correction of cancer can only be obtained by changes in diet and lifestyle. If one is willing to make the necessary changes, cancer will go away. Because this doesn’t fit the medical model and isn’t quick and thus not potentially profitable, modern medicine ignores the cure.

In the old medical books of my collection, those written by physicians who actually cured cancer offer litterally hundreds of examples of what modern medicine calls spontaneous cures. There was nothing spontaneous about them. The approach to the condition was as logical as the outcome and the cure was inevitable.

Comdyne offers his book: Breast Cancer Cure and Cancer: It’s Causes and Treatment without Operation, both available at the book store at http://www.lulu.com/comdyne