To say humankind is burdened with incurable diseases is to say homo sapiens is a most inferior form of life. Whether you believe in evolution or creation it would be a freak of nature if man truly lacked the ability to maintain proper health. This would suggest while most other creatures adapt and survive, man is weak and inferior by comparison.

Man is not inferior. Man is subject to foolishness, arrogance and corruption. Diseases are consequences of such poor and accepted social behaviors. Every living creature has the natural ability to be healthy and disease free and there is no need for gimmicks such as herbs, supplements or gadgets nor do you need medications and drugs. You need only to understand your internal ability to adapt and survive and you can be disease free.

The first thing people want to know is if there are “True Cures” why don’t they know about them via the media? This is likely a major obstacle between you and “True Cures”.

You probably don’t believe in “cures” because you are told through the media and medical advertising that there are none. The best you can hope for is a pill or supplement to control a disease, but at the same time you are also asked constantly to send your tax free donations for disease research with nothing in return.

The term “cure” is a tricky term indeed here in America. If used incorrectly you may land in jail or if you are lucky just loose your licensed practice or your home. I’m not sure but I suspect the use of the term outside of America is not nearly so dangerous. I know most countries welcome cures where the U.S restricts them.

Today you may notice the likes of Kevin Trudeau trying to stir it up with the American Medical Association in favor of Alternative Medicine. He has some valid points but what we all need to know and understand is this one SOLID FACT, the American Medical Association or Western Medicine AND Alternative Medicine are governed by the same people and powers. They are pretty much run the same with the exception of one using chemicals and the other using herbs.

Originally “Alternative Medicine practitioners” studied and trained overseas where it is not illegal to use the term “cure”. These practitioners brought “cures” to America that conflicted with what the people in charge of Western Medicine were selling. This obviously caused a problem. Our economy was in jeopardy and all that was great about becoming a Doctor was threatened.

People who brought “cures” to America did not have U.S credentials and or licenses so they were pretty much free to do what they saw fit. Often that was curing conditions the television or newspapers were saying were incurable. With the economy in jeopardy and every thing American threatened, our government had to make changes.

Our government stepped in and limited what a person could do and say in regards to healing. First they simply made it impossible to make claims that contradicted Western Medicine making business difficult for those who knew and understood “cures”. Second they created their own curriculum and schools to teach “Alternative Medicine” under their set guidelines. This crippled the use of “cures”.

Those that made money and stuck with “curing” their patients could not follow the new rules in doing so and consequently were shut down. The MDs that studied cures brought to America now practice them outside of America or they play it safe and do not practice them at all.

Summarizing everything up, we had “cures” here in America but they were bad for the economy. The people in charge of American Western Medicine are also in charge of American Alternative Medicine. It is against the law to contradict the people in charge of both Western and Alternative medicine making it impossible to promote “cures” in a business.

I don’t cure anyone other than myself! No more quotation marks around the term “cure”. When I work with people I help them cure themselves just at they do when they heal from any injury or sickness. Hence the name True Cures. My name is David Flowers and I am not rich, never will be because I promote cures instead of business. If you have a disease your doctors say they cannot cure, you may now breathe a sigh of relief. Your body can cure itself just as you would cure yourself of a cold or any others brief illness you have eliminated in the past without medical treatment.

No you do not get your cake and eat it too. Cures are a result of common sense and discipline which will allow your glands, organs and systems to take control and cure your disease.

Some diseases like high blood pressure can be stopped in a few hours others may take as long as two months but most are within a month.

You can’t use antiperspirants and or deodorants and expect to cure yourself. Remember common sense. You have to drink water, clean water if you want to cure yourself. I use Applied Kinesiology and Total Body Modification as a base to helping people cure themselves. When I am done a person will have used their glands to eliminate all viruses and parasites as well as many bacteria and fungi. Your glands, organs and systems can be prompted to adjust and correct auto immune deficiencies, high cholesterol, intestinal diseases such as irritable bowel and acid reflux and so on and so on. If you have a condition or ailment you can eliminate them with common sense and discipline and that is what True Cures will do for you.

All diseases are similar in causes so my efforts are somewhat routine and easy. Because of this I ask for $300.00 for my efforts. I do not bill and I do not make efforts to collect so the $300.00 is more of a donation than anything. People can pay it upfront or after they achieve the results they seek. I insist on returning money to anyone dissatisfied with my services. Some people I work with cannot afford to donate and it is important to all who have the means to please keep this in mind. What is eliminating a life threatening disease worth? If you have the means please be reasonable and donate for your cure as if you where paying a MD to medicate your condition for the rest of your over medicated life.

A person in control of their true cures will not fear cancer, heart disease, diabetes or any other life threatening disease killing so many friends and family today.

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