Front page news today, the World Health Organization declares a Level 6 swine flu epidemic.  Ho hum… Not to worry.  Us raw paleolithic diet people should not be afraid of swine flu or their new non-name H1N1 flu designation.  Have you seen the CDC guidelines of swine flu?  Full of unsubstantiated hokum.  They do not really know.  Since they do not really know and are only guessing, then the safest bet is to protect ourselves by increasing our health, improving our immune system.

First off, sleep early, sleep before 10 p.m. every evening.  The healing cycle of humans is between 10pm and 2am

Eat lots of high vitamin C raw fruits and pair this eating with a lot of raw fat.  A good combination would be organic guavas + raw duck eggs.

Eat lots of raw meat like raw tuna and raw fatty beef… freshly slaughtered.

Take the Swine Flu epidemic alert with a lot of skepticism… do not worry, do not get stressed out.  Looks like every government health official sees swine flu from people with regular flu like symptoms.  Geezzz, it’s so generalized bullsh………………………….

Smile, be happy, stop wearing those silly masks.  Healthy people live their lives without fear from any disease.

You don’t think you are healthy?  Then it’s time you worked at being healthy.  Stop pulluting yourself, eat a raw paleo diet, nurture your human self, cure your mind from any mass media disinformation.  Turn off your television set.

Turning off your TV, throwing away your TV will make you tons healthier as you are not programmed by garbage.  Garbage info, false info, marketing info, fear marketing info to trot all of you off to get your future h1n1 poison vaccinations…. Gee, anyone who doesn’t watch TV can see this marketing ploy being executed.  Of course “they” make billions… you get poison.

So to my family… I’m calling bullsh……… on this swine flu epidemic.

Be safe, watch out for the panicking horde.