Dr. Henry Bieler of Food is Your Best Medicine (1965) fame clearly explains how the Liver is the human body’s 2nd line of defense; with digestion being the 1st line of defense. Dr. Bieler says and I quote:

“Man’s original food and environment were found in the jungle. Although he has come far in the last ten thousand years and his previous existence may have covered a million years or so, his abdomen still contains a liver of which the basic chemistry is that of the jungle man. With civilization came gradual changes in man’s food and his eating habits. Food was cooked, food was salted, and later processed and chemically treated. But man’s liver did not change. It remained the old pre-civilization model.

The liver then is the central chemical laboratory in the body as well as its most important detoxicator…. This research has enabled me to prescribe diet for ‘liver-exhausted’ patients – diets which have aided them in regaining health.”

Dr. Bieler believes that sodium is the most important of all the alkaline elements in the body. When the liver is exhausted, it’s stores of sodium must be replenished. Dr. Bieler believes this may be done in 2 ways: sodium rich vegetables and raw animal meats.

For sodium rich vegetable soup, there is Bieler’s soup, where you have 1 unit string beans, 2 units zucchini and a handful of parsley, boil for 15 minutes and then use on a blender. Do a fast with freshly squeezed fruit in clean water as your drink plus this soup. Do this for several days. These days we have modern juicers, choose your method wisely.

For your animal food, use raw meat. The best he says from grass fed sheep, lamb, goat and beef — seared or rare at the most. Fish, chicken and others must be absolutely raw.

I personally eat both greens and raw animal food. Why choose just one? Choose both. For my kids, it’s harder for me to feed them the greens, they would rather eat raw meat. For others who are scared of raw meat, choose the greens. But I recommend both.

Additionally, what Dr. Bieler did not mention in his book is the option of liver flushing. While on the nutritious diet, it is quite possible to do liver flushes which will speed up the recovery process. The other method is using coffee enemas. Case to case basis. Use these methods sparingly.

Take care of your liver. Don’t eat chemicals, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat cooked animal food. Only some vegetables, kamote and rice should be cooked. Animal food should be raw. Eating cooked animal food is a very bad habit that must be stopped.