I was having my car serviced at a tire shop one morning and the staff offered me coffee. I turned it down politely, thanks, but I don’t drink coffee anymore. As usual, conversation progressed and the shop supervisor there said I must be living my “second life”. Come to think of it, he was absolutely correct.

Ever since I got sick of my terrible eczema in 2005 and was symptom free by 2006, I educated myself and searched for a lifestyle that would be the cleanest and most nutritious lifestyle and I settled on a raw paleolithic diet (raw fruit, raw vegs, raw meat) and a paleolithic lifestyle for clean living… our idealization of cherry picking the best practices of the hypothesized pre-cooking “cavemen” in “pre-cooking” paleolithic times. You might say I live a cancer patient’s diet and lifestyle… and it works.

My “second life” is what most people would consider boring: I do not feast on various “delicious” cooked foods, I do not eat at restaurants, I don’t look forward to partying by drinking alcohol, eating crappy food, drinking coffee, I don’t even care about the “health supplement industry”, I don’t have my children vaccinated, I don’t use those personal “care” products… you could say I’m detached from commercialized living and got down to the basics of life.

Basics? I’m still a computer geek network administrator and I do all my work under Linux, make maintain websites for customers with our little company. I absolutely adore being daddy to my children as it gives me a sense of satisfaction raising them and educating them. Children know what to do when they feel sick… go 100% raw.

I am no longer sick. I am no longer sick of anything. And I would like to keep it that way… for a change. Looking back at my past as far as I can remember I was branded as sick with asthma at 5 years old, had cystic pimples, was drugged with Roaccutane to calm down the cystic pimples, had heart pains, had folliculitis on my arms, had mitral valve prolapse, had unexplained “viral” illnesses, was obese obese obese, had decaying teeth and even had a root canal done, had itches that eventually became eczema where I found out my colon was clogged up, my liver was clogged up by cholesterol, stuck up liver stones and toxic bile.

It is such a relief and a wonder that I can live months at a time without getting sick. No fevers, no colds, no coughs, no flu, nothing. People ask me how I’m feeling today, and I answer this is the best I’ve felt ever in my entire life. I may not look all that radiantly handsome like a movie star, but this is the best shape I have ever been in. There’s a saying that “life begins at 40”. I didn’t know my life would be this healthy at 40. I look forward to being biologically younger as the years go by.

My living regimen: