I’ve been voicing out my concern on the practice of people drinking distilled water, bottled water, faucet water, reverse osmosis… all doing no good… all are stale, no good structure. Some of my thoughts spilled out into the paleo diet forums, here are some of my thoughts on the issue:

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I am against just plain water… the kind that we artificially get from the faucet, from reverse osmosis or from the distiller… I will agree with fresh and structured spring water… I’ve tasted that… absolutely refreshing. I want structured water, squeeze a lemon or orange in it. Or better yet, open a coconut, cut open a watermelon, or blender a cucumber and add avocados Aajonus style. Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Dr. Henry Bieler are both anti plain water… get it from food.

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Fluoride is a known poison. Fluoridating the water supply is wrong on all levels. I am thankful our Manila water supply is not fluoridated.

That friend of mine has been recovering her kidney function by avoiding plain water, especially fluoridated canadian faucet water and going on a fatty raw paleo diet.

Let’s try to qualify more our definitions of water and juice:

First best source is organic fruit like watermelon or coconuts… see how much more refreshing those are.

People living beside fresh spring water at the side of the mountains, I’ve tasted that, absolutely great too. Fresh, new, structured, cool.

Carnivorous eskimos have snow to melt.

Cool water has better structure than ambient temp water (ambient temp in my country is 27 Celsius). This is why humans prefer to cool their water with ice cubes.

On the the lower classes of water:

Get distilled or reverse osmosis water… no inorganic minerals there. No good structure either. This is why those magnetizers or alkalizers are selling… to put structure in them. My definition of JUICE is you get a tall glass of distilled or reverse osmosis water and you squeeze 1/2 to 1 lemon in it. Mix and wait for 5 minutes to give it structure.

My point of view are those terminally ill: Plain old water can be tolerated by still healthy and still strong people. Sick and weak people are doomed if given plain old water… minerals leached, no structure, absorption maybe 10% only, the rest of the 90% is a burden to the heart and kidneys.

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Water sources for civilizations is useful for your toilet and washing duties. Clean water for drinking only needed with the advent of cooking, of which most people here are in… cooked paleo diet.

Oh, I did my raw fruitarian tour of duty.
2 months on raw fruitarian.
Absolutely no need to drink water.
Was never thirsty for water.
I live in the Philippines and we never run out of coconuts or or any fruit.

On the raw primal diet, Aajonus Vonderplanitz says the same thing… minimize the need to drink plain water… humans do better on raw food. For example you can blender cucumbers and avocados together. The raw fat in avocados will do you better than plain water.

Same thing with Henry Bieler MD of Food is Your Best Medicine… plain water structure is not going to help your kidneys. You must get water from your food.

I’m on RAW paleo diet guys… far different from cooked paleo… since my meat is raw, there is minimal need for me to drink water. When I’m thirsty I can open a coconut anytime, eat a watermelon, pop in a guava or a persimon.

You can look at past civilizations for sub-standard insights on plain water drinking… of which plain water drinking is no good for really sick people (my point of view).