I most fervently disagree with a current alternative healer on the issue of looking at plain old faucet water as his recommended drinking water. That he recommends plain manila water be left exposed for at least 30 minutes for the chlorine to evaporate and that the 70 TDS measurement will allegedly supply minerals humans need… this is a bunch of baloney as proven in practical hands on experience.

My recommendation for proper hydration is an all raw food diet, raw animal food, raw fruits, some raw juiced vegetables. The most hydrating of examples is a cool fresh water melon. A next best example is a cool fresh coconut with the coconut fat / meat mixed in. Then the next best is squeeze a lemon, a kalamansi, or an orange in cool distilled or reverse osmosis water, mix and wait for 5 minutes to give the water structure, then drink. The water has to have proper structure for human assimilation.

Drinking plain water from the manila faucet is just plain wrong. The minerals there are in inorganic form. The structure of the water is plain useless. All you do is stress the heart and the kidneys to pump out to the useless water and you pee it out as just water without doing anything useful.

This is so obvious from omnivorous raw foodist practitioners… organic cool raw fruits are extremely hydrating… even raw fatty animal foods… when having a meal with just raw animal food, there is little if any requirement to drink water. In fact, if the weather is cool or you do not do hard labor, you can live on just raw fruit, raw vegs and raw animal food without drinking a single drop of plain water.

On the side of sick patients, you hydrate them with coconuts, watermelons, squeezed citrus or juiced vegetables… they will love it, they will thrive on it. Cut that out and switch to plain old water and hear their horrible dying cries for JUICE! JUICE! JUICE!!!!!!!

So let this be a warning to my family on what works. Raw food and raw hydrating fruit works, and works beautifully. The only plain water that may have structure is newly melted snow or a sparkling clear spring water if you live beside it and fetch it fresh.

If you have kidney problems, failing kidneys, drinking plain faucet water / plain distilled water / plain reverse osmosis water / bottled water is a one way ticket to total kidney failure.

Humans are not water drinking animals. We are not meant to drink plain water like animals with lapping tongues.