This is the 3rd in a series. The 1st line of defense is the digestive system. The 2nd line of defense is the liver. Dr. Henry Bieler talks about these 3 major glands:The Adrenal Glands, The Thyroid Gland, The Pituitary Gland.

Let us read what Dr. Henry Bieler has to say in the first 2 paragraphs on Chapter 7 of his 1965 book Food is Your Best Medicine:

“The liver’s waste-disposal role is of utmost importance to good health. When it begins to fail as a blood filter, we may expect that toxic material will enter the general circulation. It is this toxic material in the general circulation which stimulates the endocrine glands – third line of defense against disease – to overactivity in a valiant attempt to help the body neutralize and eliminate the irritants resulting from improper digestion of proteins, sugars, starches and fats.

In order to understand just how the amazing endocrine glands act to defend the body against disease, we must know something of their structure and operation. These small bits of tissue, the glands or internal secretion or ductless glands, are called endocrine (inpouring); they differ from the glands of external secretion (such as sweat or tear glands) because they secrete the characteristic substances they manufacture directly into the blood stream rather than pouring them out through a tube or duct. The characteristic substances secreted by the various endocrine glands are called hormones, also spoken of as “biochemical messengers” of the blood. Hormones, even in extremely tiny amounts, are unbelievably potent; they direct and regulate much of the subtle biochemistry of life.

So when people are diagnosed with an overactive thyroid or overactive adrenals or overactive pituitary or even the opposite – underactivity – these endocrine glands may merely be compensating for the malfuctioning of the liver and the digestive system. Merely address the liver and the digestive system problems and the endocrine glands go back to functioning normally. Simple concept right? The problem lies with mis-treatment, with mis-diagnosis of diseases – the wrong headed approach of directly manipulating the endocrine glands with drugs, surgery and radiation that is harming people en mass via illiterate doctors.

Dr. Henry continues his discussion with:

“Let me stress again that the path of the eliminated toxins will depend largely upon the comparative and potential strength of the endocrine glands. Should the thyroid be the strongest, we would expect the vicarious elimination to take place through the skin, either through the outside skin (the hide), the inside skin (mucous membranes), or the middle skin (serous membranes). Should the adrenals predominate, vicarious elimination may occur through the bowels or the kidneys, or the toxic materials literally could be burned up by hyperoxidation in the liver, effected by adrenal response, often giving rise to elevated body temperature or fever.

The potential strength of the glands of internal secretion depends upon two main factors: heredity and the state of the glands following chemical (dietetic) and emotional disturbances. Whichever gland has the greatest potential strength at the time of crisis will determine the avenue of vicarious elimination. But it must be pointed out that too frequent use of the same paths of vicarious elimination will lead to atrophy and degeneration of any path of elimination as well as gradual wearing down of the strength of the glands themselves.

When man does not overstep nature’s limits regarding harmful diet and emotional indulgences, the liver, as I mentioned earlier, acting as a second line of defense, is able to keep the general circulation pure. Under such utopian conditions, it is conceivable that disease would be an impossibility. In other words, the individual, under these circumstances, would be immune to disease.”

Wow. Information GOLD from Dr. Henry Bieler way back from 1965. Very easy to understand. Read and re-read if you did not understand it.

Now I understand that with my genetic eczematic tendencies the thyroid is the strongest and vicarious elimination took place through my outside skin. When I was eczema sick in 2005, I was guilty of all items mentioned by Dr. Bieler: Drugs, Pollution with Dietetic Mistakes which led to digestive failures and liver damage plus emotional disturbances with our family tragedy at that time.

In the case of recently deceased former president Cory Aquino, she had dominant adrenals and her vicarious elimination may have occurred through her bowels plus her emotional disturbances with the unacceptable loss of her husband which never ended in any closure for her plus drug poisoning plus her dietetic mistakes led to her ultimate death. Hers was a painful death as her toxic blood brought her unimaginable pain she had to endure for great lengths of time until her final breath.

I am lucky to have stumbled onto the cure for my eczema with the help of various people. My wife’s uncle was lucky we helped him with his kidney cancer, otherwise he may have died a terrible death like former president Cory Aquino. If you are reading this eczema and psoriasis website, consider yourself lucky this is a compilation of knowledge of THE CURED so that you no longer need to grope in the dark like we once did.

The principles to curing diseases are well laid out in the 3 Dr. Henry Bieler articles and in the rest of this website. I sincerely hope you have understood the principles. The execution to your personal cure may take different twists and turns depending on the availability of treatment modalities and your level of understanding of the principles I laid out for you.

Best wishes to all.