Here is our family recipe for sinusitis cure.  This has worked effectively and repeatedly for us so this is worth writing down and for you to print it out and remember it in memory.  There is no sense in suffering for days on end with sinusitis congestion and the headaches that come with it when it can all go away in 10 minutes or less.

Let us take the case of someone suffering from sinusitis congestion and the sinusitis headaches for maybe 3 or more days.  After having exhausted all their nonsense remedies which include “tawas”, exorcism, drugs and drinking too much water, these proud victims finally come around and ask for help.

Step 1

For children:

Get 1 or 2 drops of Quantum Minerals Plus drops and wipe it on their forehead and nose bridge.  Drop 1 or 2 drops in their nostrils for them to sniff deep inside.  Within 5 minutes the headaches will subside and the mucus will start flowing out.  If the nostrils are congested, it will be cleared up.  No more need for the old nebulizer method… that is so passe.

Step 2

For adults:

You can do step 1 with Quantum Minerals Plus drops for your initial cure.  Then to finally get rid of the sinusitis congestion, take 1 full teaspoon of cayenne tincture.  Let the cayenne tincture stay under the toungue and above the tongue.  After 1 minute swallow it.  Let the cayenne tincture soak and make your blood flow and feel the hotness up to your ears and make your whole face red.  Hold the cayenne without drinking anything else for some 3 minutes.

To alleviate the cayenne hotness in your mouth, you can use ice or ice cold water with some honey.

That is it.  10 minute sinusitis cure.

How not to get sinusitis ever again: Eat a Mucus-Less diet.  Eat a Paleo Diet – The Original Human Diet of Meat – Fruits – Some veggies.  Preferably raw.  Notice that civilization’s favorite junk foods are not included in the original human diet: wheat, corn, pasteurized dairy… all junk… all mucus forming.

What is the purpose of mucus?  Mucus is created by your body as a response to pollutants to escort pollutants out of the body.  Much as mucus and tears are immediately formed when you are on a polluted city street with smoke belching in your face, the body does similar action with respect to junk food and bad food and non-original human foods.  The problem with some people is that they are dehydrated as well so the mucus is imperfect and rather dry instead of flowing.  Drinking plain water is insufficient because only 10% of plain water is utilized by the body.  Water from raw meat and raw fruit are more efficient better sources of complete hydration.