I have observed from friends and family that they are quite satisfied with being dependent on laxatives and see no harm in being dependent on them. Whether the laxative is a drug like Dulcolax or a single herb like Senna Tea or a herbal concoction like Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, it is inadvisable for you to be taking such powerful emergency stuff on a regular basis. It does not matter if it is everyday, once a week or once a month, if you are dependent on it to poop, it’s not good… you can do better!

The danger of being dependent on laxatives are plenty. There is malnutrition. There is loss of natural colon disposal function to the point that you cannot live / survive / poop without the use of such laxative tools. And what may be worse is there may come a point in time you will need stronger and stronger laxatives until nothing works. My grandmother is at that terminal point.

Constipation is a root cause of many diseases. Pooping is a primary cleansing mechanism of our bodies and by all means must be fully efficient like clockwork.

How to wean yourself from laxatives?

First you must know that the common hearsay about fiber being good for you is totally and completely wrong for your colon. The people who do long time fiber will have larger stools and will later on regret the loss of their colon’s natural muscular movement, just too much bulk, that is not the design of the colon. Learn more about how wrong fiber is in the book Fiber Menace at www.fibermenace.com

Second, what really makes people poop is easily digestible food like FRUIT and FAT.

If you are on a regular SAD diet like most people, you need to eat more fruit rather than starches. Replace starches with more fruit. Organic fruit, low glycemic fruit, hydrating fruits. Water in hydrating fruit is more effective than ingesting liquids.

The issue of FAT. Fat is a lubricating and poop reflex activating foodstuff. Freshly opened coconut meat, extra virgin olive oil as food will be good for you. Lightly frying with ghee / clarified butter is good fat. If you can find raw grass fed butter, eat that as well. If you lightly cook your steaks rare, grass fed beef steaks with lots of thick fat is good fat. Fat from organic / fertilized raw eggs is also good. Organic animal, especially raw FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT is good for you.

Just remember fruit and fat and you should have regular poops. See www.cavemanforum.com and www.rawpaleoforum.com for correct human diet for easy pooping.

What about the hard cases? Well you might want to look into repairing and re-optimizing your colon with herbs. My teacher www.barefootherbalistmh.com has his LBB capsules that re-train and fix the colon into tip top shape. I took these LBB capsules for 2 months and along with my diet change, my poop has been effortless. At one point it was too fast I needed to slow it down.

For the past 2 years I have been independent of any laxatives. I have absolutely no need for them. I save money and I’m safe from any side effects they may have. Why? Did you ever believe that laxatives were safe to take regularly long term?