I could never forget the time I was eczema sick. I could never forget the time that my brother was dying of his psoriasis. All those times concentrating on treating the skin when you realize that it is all futile. The skin was not the problem. The skin was merely being used as a backup to excrete toxins from the blood because our livers were impaired… not flowing properly cirrhotic.

I remember my 2 days of apple juice fasting. On the first day was continuous farting. On the 2nd day I was pooping lots and lots of cholesterol sludge. And this is just apple juice in cartons, not from any concentrate, powerful stuff, powerful purging. Then the actual moment of liver flushing by ingesting 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil… pure fat… plus 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice… all liver movers / tonics… and the following day… boom boom boom… more than 100 green stones pooped out. And then there was immediate relief, immediate well being.

In my brother’s case was it was black stones, some 150 of them… even more toxic. The relief was immediate, he could breath again. His eruptions subsided.

Henry Bieler in 1965 already wrote that the liver is the 2nd line of defense when digestion is impaired. When the liver fails, the adrenal glands kick in and depending on which glands are dominant, you get either eczema / psoriasis / atopic dermatitis, or respiratory mucus… and if you are unfortunate, cysts sometimes.

Looking back, it was our livers that were ailing all along. Fix the liver, fix digestion, and ta dahhh… clean blood… clear skin.

Looking back after my detoxing times and fasting times in 2006 to 2007, in 2008 and 2009 I concentrated on a nutritious liver restoring diet using bloody raw meats and raw fats and some Bieler’s soup. My brother had a great experience temporarily with wheatgrass juice.

Now these are our experiences stumbling along. I’m sure if I had known about other techniques I would have done then, coffee enemas come to mind. Your experience and what will work for you will vary.

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