This was published in Ezine Articles. Let’s get the word out and cure our loved ones. This is from experience. I cured my wife and I cured our cook of gout. I know my wife will stay the course because she has more discipline and a different mindset than our cook.

Principles of Curing Gout So it Never Returns

Gout is defined as pain in the knees or feet that is caused by the build up of uric acid deposits. Getting rid of gout first requires you to be able to dissolve the uric acid deposits. Then for you to change your diet from lean cooked meat to high fat raw meat paleo diet which totally avoids uric acid build up.

Uric acid deposits are dissolved externally with the use of energized liquid alkaline detoxifiers such as CMD, Quantum Minerals Plus and Energized Mineral Concentrate. Daily application of such liquids will dissolve the gout deposits in your affected area beginning 30 minutes after application and in a few days you will feel a big reduction in pain. Internally, gout deposits are dissolved by drinking apple cider vinegar. 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in 1/4 cup of water 2 times a day before meals. In a few weeks the gout pain will be a forgotten memory.

For diet change, kidneys are stressed as the body cannot process proteins in lean protein such as lean meats or seed proteins or legume proteins, stop taking seed proteins and legume proteins. Animal meat proteins need to be buffered by large amounts of fat so that it will be processed and not put a strain on kidneys. You lower the carbohydrates you eat and increase the animal fat you eat. Animal fat is good for you, specifically raw animal fat enables the cleansing and healing of your kidneys. Raw fat is the missing ingredient in many people’s diets. Examples of where to get raw fat are from coconut meat, avocados, raw eggs, raw fish sashimi, raw beef muscle fat / back fat, raw bone marrow.

The easiest guide to diet is to go back to the original human diet called the Paleo Diet. Your food comes from majority fatty meats, some fruit, some raw vegetables. Gluten free, inflammation free foods, especially organic / wild raw fatty meats.

Inflammation: Beware of nightshades. Although they are classified as vegetables, they cause inflammation and thus should be avoided. Nightshades are eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and tobacco. Since wheat and grains are excluded, that source of inflammation is also eliminated.

The principles to curing gout are simple. Dissolve the existing uric acid deposits that cause gout pain. Stop making new uric acid deposits by changing diets to a high fat raw paleolithic diet. You can start with a cooked meat high fat paleo diet if you need time to adjust to the taste of raw meat.

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