When my wife and I had our first baby, we were so elated we wanted another one. Unfortunately, after 4 months of trying to conceive, we were unsuccessful. Our tolerance for secondary infertility was very low; we immediately sought help from our obstetrician. She prescribed fertility pills for 6 months but with no results. We set on to find other alternative means.

We read about diet and cleaned up our act by eliminating processed food and junk food. We threw out our microwave oven. We eliminated all drugs and lotions. I ate raw oysters to increase my sperm count.

I made a call to all friends and relatives that we were in search of a therapeutic massage expert. Our nannie had an aunt who was a therapeutic massage expert and midwife who was reputed to have been the final ingredient that made many women pregnant. We sought her assistance, she had expertise in manually fixing uterus positions. Many infertility cases she says comes from the uterus being out of position. In our language, this expert is called a “hilot”.

The “hilot” visited us for 3 Wednesdays in December 2002. The first session was scheduled immediately the day after the last drop of menstruation had stopped. Each session lasted only 10 minutes, the 2nd session left my wife sore as the “hilot” manually manipulated her uterus. The “hilot” told us on the 2nd Wednesday that my wife would still bleed this December 2002, but that she would surely be pregnant by January 2003.

January 18, we were so excited and took a test kit. Negative. Pffft… so much for “hilot” we thought. My wife said she will just begin a work out program. I had to go back and get a new sperm analysis. Sperm analysis comes out 300 million per ml. Whoa! I should be able to get any girl pregnant at this count, the lab technician said. Wife calls on my cell phone on January 25, 2003 and declares… “I’m pregnant!”

The hilot was absolutely correct, she called it, we are believers now. In fact, our lifestyle change and the hilot’s caring was so good, my wife became unexpectedly pregnant again after just some 6 months after giving birth to our 2nd child. So we wound up with 2 additional children for our infertility fighting effort. We now have a total of 3 children.

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