I am compiling a Cure Manual page for Multiple Sclerosis. We have family members who are in countries where this auto immune superstition is being perpetuated and I would like them to get well fast and sure.

First of all autoimmune concept of the body attacking itself is a false concept. They don’t have a cure for it so none of their analysis and concepts are all wrong. Anyone who tells you that multiple sclerosis is incurable is advertising his ignorance.

The root causes of multiple sclerosis is wrong food and pollution.

Returning to the original human food, a raw paleolithic diet is the fastest path to curing yourself. As it is raw, there is less processing, less pollution. Make sure you pick clean food. If you find a trustworthy butcher or cleanly transported fish, the better. The only problem with raw is handling. So check out the handling. The easy way to learn raw paleo diet is via the forum at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com . Raw Paleo diet is raw meat (land animals and sea animals), raw fat, raw veggies, raw fruits.

Pollution avoidance from cooking is a given with a raw paleo diet. No condiments. No metals, no smoke, no nothing. Just pure food.

Pollution removal is the other factor. Pollution from metal implants such as in tooth fillings and surgical implants or braces, whatever you have. Pollution from personal care products. Environmental pollution in the home, in the car, in your surroundings.

This is the start of something big. The devil is in the details.

If your brain is incapable of processing this now and you have money. Just check into the healer Vander Gaditano and he can pull you out of this crisis really fast. Of course you can live with me and eat what I eat to see how this is done first hand.