It is oh so hot March summer 2010 in Manila and it is sun scorching hot. I just walked from the parking lot to my office and the sun burns brightly and possible painfully. Glad to be in the shade and into my air conditioned office. So what is the best sun block to use? What is the most hypoallergenic sunblock? It’s called a hat, or an umbrella, or being smart enough to get some shade.

It amazes me to no end how commercialism has brainwashed people into believing some chemical concoction should be used to “shield” our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. First of all, the sun is not a harmful thing, it is too much sun that is harmful. Morning sun is beneficial and needed, just look at mothers bringing out their newborns in the early mornings to catch sunlight.

This commercial superstition has brought a lot of harm to many people. Why? The basic rule of thumb is… if it is not edible… don’t put it on your skin. Our skin absorbs lotions and chemicals you put on it. It has to be cleaned from your skin into the lymph, into the bloodstream. So tell me, which hypoallergenic sunblock lotion can be eaten? None!

The best sunblock is to know when you’ve had enough, you bear in mind that there is no such thing as sunblock lotion… so what do you do? Get out from under the sun, get some shade!

What if you went fishing like we did last week? Get a big hat. Go back to shore and get some shade if you feel you’ve had enough. Fishermen wear long sleeves at times. Just like jeepney drivers wear sleeves on their left arm as that is what is over exposed.

Just like the children who want to go out and play. No playing under the sun between 10am to 3pm, it’s just too darn hot. Around 4pm down is a good enough time.

Stay away from pollution. Chemicals like sunblock lotions are polluting. Don’t believe the hyped up advertisements.

Disclaimer as always is this blog post is meant for my family and further descendants. You can always poison yourself with chemicals on your skin if you really like those sunblock commercials.