Dehydration can kill anyone at any age. Special note during loose bowel movement / diarrhea episodes, sometimes the intake of plain water may not be enough as the body gets an imbalance in electrolyte levels and cannot make use of the plain water. First aid I usually choose is water melon, then follow up with coconut juice with coconut meat for raw fats. But what if the dehydrated person is far beyond that stage? What if he cannot take anything orally?

Normally, people think of IV drips in the emergency room of a hospital. But did you know that that method takes too slow? You drive up to the hospital, the hospital staff diagnose, fill out papers, then decide if they will give you an IV drip. In some hospitals they will require you to check in and get a room before even giving you an IV drip! Plus the IV drip itself which directly goes to the blood takes a fairly long time to do its job. So what to do?

Enemas. Hydrating RETENTION enemas. It is basically water, with a lot of sugar and some salt.

Here is a hydrating enema formula for a 6 year old child:

  • 1.0 liter of boiled clean room temperature water
  • 6 tablespoons of real sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of real sea salt

Mix in enema kit until all is dissolved. Administer the enema 100 ml at a time. Have the patient hold the enema some 10 minutes. You can have the patient lie in different positions to let the enema go round and round the intestines. Distract the patient with television, movie, stories, games or anything so he can hold it, absorb it.

If the patient needs 100 ml more, give it, retain.  Repeat until the patient absorbs no more.

Usually the patient recovers in 1 to 2 minutes.

You can then probably use oral hydration. See to it fats are ingested. Fats let humans be hydrated longer and steadier. If patient is so fat deprived, you can later on stick in some virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil as enema.

Enema is faster and safer than any IV drip in hydrating patients. You must have an enema kit at home. You must practice using it before hand. Remember to lubricate the anus and the enema end with something like ghee, other thick oils, or petroleum jelly — it’s not specific, any will do. Be careful with your insertion angle. Listen to the patient if it hurts… you have the wrong angle, try again.

Adjust the formula accordingly for adult sized patients.

Our home enema kit